The FOBO Tire 2 keeps an unblinking eye on your car's tire pressure

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All cars sold in the U.S. since 2008 have factory-installed tire-pressure monitoring systems. There’s no need to buy a second one.


Yeah, my 2012 Kia had it, and it was pretty effective in telling me when one tire kept getting low.

It is Yet Another Radio-based System that could be used to track your car, but even if your state hasn’t forced you to get a Fastrak or equivalent radio transponder, license plate recognition has gotten good enough they don’t really need another one. (Be sure to tell your “vaccines have microchips” cranky uncle that he’s got to dig the transponders out of his tires if he doesn’t want Bill Gates telling Biden when his tires get flat.)

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My 2011 Ford Fiesta has it, but reports through an idiot light that doesn’t tell me which tire, even though it has a nice display driven by a Windows Auto board.


“Here’s enough information to make you worry, but not enough to allow you to figure out what must be fixed without more work even though we know exactly which tire it is. You’re welcome!”


Currently the CE light in on, probably warning me about “winter gas”. I need to get one of those CAN bus to Bluetooth boards. (There is a cheat to get the error code, that involves a complex ritual.)

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Not a bad idea for older vehicles but $150 seems a bit steep?

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On a whim, I bought a set of these pressure-evident valve-stem caps on Wish for $2; they work beautifully (indicated, correctly, that my right front tire was a couple PSI low), and I immediately bought another set for my better half; appropriately, they should be delivered sometime around Valentine’s Day.


Mechanic earning your $100/hr parsing excel spreadsheet showing tire pressure dropping: “After exhaustive analysis I figured it out. You should have inflated the tires.”

He he. :wink: I like the way you think.

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