The view from inside a car tire while driving

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Maybe just “special” for me, but every ad break (SO MANY!) I was invited to join the NRA. Weird.


I always had some kind of weird respect for tires, maybe because I realize that’s where the rubber meets the road (for real!). But this really ups my respect for the job that tires do. Constant flexing, debris rolling around inside. It’s also pretty amazing that they form such a good seal with the metal rim, too, and are able to keep that seal, pretty much, for years and after so much abuse.


According to scientists, that bit at the end, is the viewer’s soul being sucked in to the screen by the pressure change. Cameras don’t only steal your soul when they are pointed at you.


Yeah, automotive engineering is mind-boggling sometimes. Just the fact that the engine is producing hundreds of controlled gasoline vapor explosions every second and can do that for decades with no intervention save replacing the fluid that helps it self-lubricate still just blows my mind.


Video link for the BBS


Phase II of this project:
Mount 15-30 GoPros along the entire rim.
Then, you can cut the the footage so you’re showing only the times when the tire is making contact with the road.

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First I would of washed my hands before driving, but that’s just me. Second, the water he saw at the beginning comes from air compressors, especially cheap ones and gas stations. Doesn’t really hurt anything unless you are a racer or anal.


I think I remember that from elementary school quantum mechanics. Those extra dimensional macaroni models were really difficult to assemble.

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Why would he show how he got the first lip of the tire over the gopro during mounting? Sheesh.

Don’t miss the ending when the tire is deflated.

Wow, that is some really “wet” air. He needs an air/water separator for his compressor, and possibly an air dryer to catch any residual moisture that makes it past the separator.

The up-selling of filing tires with nitrogen has nothing to do with nitrogen itself, but the removal of moisture from the air (which is 79% nitrogen to begin with) is an added plus in of itself. This becomes important when temperatures get below freezing, and the water decides to phase change.

Personally, I use SCUBA air as it is meticulously cleaned of moisture and contaminants.

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This is actually a stunt video, showing a daredevil wearing a clean white shirt and not staining it despite having his hands completely covered in grime.


Are we not discussing the missing finger?

No… didn’t see it because the rest was awesome… ok maybe we should

Won’t say that you’re over thinking this but yeah… and anyway Woooh Hoooh!!

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