Tire seems intent on attacking human


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my god, it’s real…


Paul Jennings avait toujours raison. Vraiment, les choses sont contre nous.


Where the rubber meets the road face.


Curse you for beating me, but cheers for knowing it.


Wonder if its a viral video for a Directors cut Re-release.


ok look that was obviously just a big happy friendly tire that got loose from the car and ran into the shop to say hi to daddy. Personally I always train my tires not to jump up in my lap but some people are more relaxed about it.


Off the curb, off the parked bike, though the door, nothing but businessman.


actually after doing some more investigation it turns out that 20 years ago that tire had a bad experience in that bordello.


Yipes, just a few inches different…


Luckily, it seemed to expend much of its momentum upon the desk, could have been much more devastating.


“And what about the eighteen people who died when the tower in Siloam fell on them? Were they the worst sinners in Jerusalem?” Luke 13-4.

No. They were sloppy. They got caught. This guy was ready.


I always thought that Rover was overrated.


Well, they have turned against us. Even the wheel will turn.

(Hey, one bad pun deserves another…sometimes two.)


I like how it stopped to smash up his bike a bit first.


That’s some Final Destination tire-revenge shit there.

(Was going to post the gif from the movie but even being fake it’s still too graphic)


I thought the victim was too surprised to stand up after that incident, but it turns out he was just tired.


Came to see if this was posted… leaving satisfied!


signed back in, to give you my like. :slight_smile:


I don’t blame that tire; why would anyone feel anything but ambivalence towards humans anyways?