My life on the road: stranded in Wyoming

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Yikes at that tire inflation explosion!

I hope there is a new plan topping off tires, once the blowout is replaced.


We live on the road too. 40 foot bus rebuilt by hand, 4 kids, and beholden to the pacific time zone where my employer is based.

Sometimes, when we’re floating down the highway at 70 mph, I marvel at the technology that keeps things rolling, how commodity it is. When something goes wrong, it feels so personal - like I must be the only one experiencing this, and what choices in life have I made that has caused it to go so wrong?!

Fortunately, those are far and few between. Good luck, fellow traveler - may your tires stay safely inflated.

Oh, one more piece of advice I saw recently:

Take very good care of everything that is a barrier between you and the ground.
For example:

  • Shoes
  • Tires
  • Foundation of your house
  • Your toilet

WOW! You and your sweetie are lucky at being unlucky.

I drove an old RV to California from Virginia and back and lived in it while I was in grad school. Two bad things happened - one each way. I backed my Mini Cooper off the trailer after I forgot to put the ramps down. That happened at an RV park in Denver. On the way home, I had a cracked radiator cap. That happened in Bakersfield on a weekend. I had to find a motel that would allow cats while I waited to get going again.

I wouldn’t trade it for anything!


Roger That!


Here’s a happy motor home ditty to cheer you up:

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Holy crap. I was driving up I5 near Seattle the other day and one of the tires blew out on the 18-wheeler right next to me. I’ve always seen the tire scraps and knew that it happened but I was not prepared. It was like a stick of dynamite going off right next to my window. I saw the pieces fly off and then everybody slammed on their brakes and/or went different directions for just a second.

Luckily, nothing bad happened. I slammed my brakes so the driver could pull off immediately and kept going once it was clear he was in control. Man, it had me shook up all day.


Old video, but still 100% accurate now.

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Shit, the one I saw literally “blew.” It just disintegrated in front of me, with tiny pieces flying in every direction.

BOOM! :scream:

7 or 8 years ago, lost two tires on the back of our TV mobile - we JUST got through the twisty rock-cut 1-lane drop of death stretch along the Kenora bypass (losing control there, oh boy…)

I was quite shaken up, OPP hit us with all sorts of commercial vehicle violations, nail-biter getting on the deck, the explosion of gravel from the crushed tail pipe … glad I was shooting off to the side.

Got 2 new tires, arrived late but did our 4 days of production without further incident (hired a commercial driver for trip back).

Happy Ending
On that production I met a woman who became a very important part of my life, we’re inseparable. I couldn’t love anyone more than I love her. The day ended much better than it started.


She tells me that the side wall of the tire blew out on her as she made one final attempt to fill it up.

This sort of failure is a huge fear of mine. You seen the video where the gentleman stabs a truck tire with a knife and finds himself half-naked a moment later? Yikes.

You are likely correct. It happened to one of my rural uncles, and it broke his spine in three places. He did recover… eventually.

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