Watch a massive spool of cable roll down the highway


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Aww, I expected it to jump the lane divider and roll down the other lane!


I am guessing it fell off the truck/trailer that is being friendly with the dividers?


I’m more curious about the tire on the other side of the road at 0:10. Where did that come from?


It was making its way out’a the USA, slowly I might add.


Fake! Every spool I’ve ever lost control of rolls the other way, with the cable unspooling as it goes! And, believe me, I’ve lost control of a lot of spools! I’m a lineman for the county, and I drive the main road, searchin’ in the sun for another overload, I hear you singin’ in the wire, I can hear you it’s so cool, and the Wichita Lineman lost another spool.


Sssspooooolllsss out…


Reminds me of a story related to me by a work acquaintance. While on the freeway, he witnessed a high pressure gas bottle (K-bottle) pop loose from a flatbed truck that was carrying a load of them. The bottle landed against a short wall/abutment which knocked off the bottle’s valve. I’m sure you can guess a part of what happened next. The released pressure caused the bottle to rocket along the abutment – trapped in its path by the abutment like a train on tracks – and speed ahead of the truck carrying the K-bottles. The truck driver MUST have seen the fast-moving bottle; his eyes must have been the size of saucers.


the trailer attached to the truck hugging the dividers.


From the makers of LOG comes the new family sensation - Spool!


I did not realize these things could happen outside of Russia.


HEY! That’s my hometown!

(not there now though: it’s deep, deep Drumpf territory. I escaped a long time ago.)


A few winters ago while driving on an interstate, I watched a huge piece of ice fly from someone’s car and shatter on the road. Then I realized it was perfectly rectangular, and actually a huge piece of plate glass. It had come loose from a glass truck I then noticed a good ways ahead of me (thank goodness). I’ve wondered if any injuries ensued.

The very same week I had to swerve to miss a set of drawers that had fallen off someone’s car.

I once saw someone carrying a mattress on the roof of their car. No rope, no bungee cords. Just the driver’s hand arm out the window, holding it down. Sort of.

A few years ago our state passed a law that cargo on trucks was required to be secured. Still see gravel trucks spreading gravelly goodness everywhere.

Idiots. /grump


Stuff like this feeds my paranoia whenever I end up behind a truck with stuff on it and switch lanes ASAP. I know those guys only give a cursory shit so the stuff is kinda secured, but every now and then… and I don’t want to be the one behind when a length of rebar turns into a javelin, or the refrigerator or mattress goes off the back of the precariously stacked Mexican plate truck - which happens quite often around here.

Oh well, if you’re going to be paranoid about something that’s pretty low impact as far as ruling your life.


Ha, I see what you did there. One more incident I saw – a panel truck with lumber on top stopped at a light. All the lumber went flying forward. I don’t think anyone was impaled.

ETA: panel


It’s videos like these and gifs like these that make me believe that deep down, the world is controlled by cartoon physics, or at least a higher power with a perverse sense of humor.


Came to this thread looking for a Wichita Lineman reference.

Was not disappointed :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Briefs or boxers? Or, my God, granny panties?!


I witnessed something similar in Georgia several years ago, I look over on the southbound side of I-75, and a dresser has fallen off a pickup truck, and is sliding along the highway at roughly the same speed as several nearby cars. It was kind of surreal for a split second before I realized what was going on.


I’d love to see the sewing machine this bobbin came off of.