Watch an ambulance slip off a trailer and haphazardly "drive" across a freeway

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All new meaning for “first responders”…


Just like all modern trailers, this one spoils the end of the movie.

PS: I’d like to see a B-Movie called, “Rambulance!” Maybe about a possessed vehicle prowling the highways and byways, drumming up trade.


Knight Rider made it look so much smoother.

Also, really wish this video was a few seconds longer.


One of my fondest memories is of towing my old ford ranger through a small town and it just popping off the trailer as we rounded a corner… I helplessly watched as my truck ‘drove’ itself down the middle of a busy street. Obviously, this is only a fond memory because nobody was hurt… Could have been terrible.

Turns out you have to disengage the wheel-lock before towing anything by the front wheels (yes, I was (am?) that stupid).


Looks like he needed to get off at that exit and timed it wrong.



As so often happens, the near misses and “that could have ended really badly, but everything went okay!” things make for the most memorable stories and funniest memories, once the initial panic has faded. :slight_smile:


That’s a commercial driver who’s gonna be looking for a new job. Highway patrol does not take kindly to drivers who neglect to properly secure their load. They’ll be lucky to not have the entire truck, trailer, and load seized.


I’m not sure if that’s an added audio track or the radio, but it so does the clip justice.

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Yeah, it is generally only an anecdote, if no one gets killed. :scream:

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That ambulance is gonna put some sleazy lawyers outta business (ambulance chasers).

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Oh, no, that was just me playing GTA.

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A baby ambulance is birthed and wobbles on its feet… awwww… squeee

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