Sourpuss walks into a pole


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And is that Blaze Of Glory on the radio? Perfect.


Approaching pole? Was it also going too fast?



  • It’s a red hat, but doesn’t appear to be “the” red hat.
  • Appears to be flipping the devil, not the bird.
  • Car appears to have stopped before the stop line.

Whatever. I dunno.


It’s hard to tell what he was even objecting to. Did the driver go too far into the crosswalk? It didn’t look like it. Plus, his reaction after running into the pole, like the driver hit him with it!


Yeah, I get this all the time: “You ALMOST hit me!!”

No, I stopped, and I wasn’t even going fast. Considering I was stopped about three feet away from you then logically every car going past “almost” hit you.

I do like how he gets doubly angry at the driver after he walks into the pole, as if the driver put the pole there so he could walk into it.


The driver stopped well before the crosswalk and in plenty of time, but it looks like the pedestrian started walking into the crosswalk without looking, and when he saw a car approaching (and stopping) he was surprised and decided to be angry about an oncoming car.

I’ve had pedestrians get angry with me for stopping my car at a safe distance, too. Some folks just really want to take stuff out on cars.


If Ratso Rizzo had made it to age 70.

(Or alternatively, because Sourpuss)
“Exit stage rig - BONK - Exit stage right!”


Pole - 1 Sourpuss - 0


Looks like somebody didn’t get their thorazine/wheaties this morning!


I feel like this whole thing is an effective metaphor for Trump voters:

Lashing out in anger at a perceived (but nonexistent) slight from the “coastal elite”, and as a result, creating a situation in which they cause themselves actual harm. Then, naturally, blaming Democrats for their self-inflicted suffering.


Maybe I’m projecting but that dog seems embarrassed.


Yeah the dog is thinking "not again… "

I thought maybe the car was moving a bit fast approaching a crosswalk with walker walking? and I’ve seen it where I thought does this guy want to hit me? will he be able to stop? do I jump forward or back? a simple hey, watch it! usually sufficed to express one’s ire. But that pole, christ what an asshole! just standing there in my way! BAM


No, I saw that too.


Those menacing gestures!


I’m glad to see the process of Making America Great Again finally get started.


Pole does what Congress can’t.


The gift of the MAGA


I had some lady start yelling at me and pointing like that as she crossed in front of my car in the cross walk. I almost flipped her off but didn’t because I try and be better than that. A block later I pulled behind a shiny vehicle and could see I had a head light out. Soooo glad I took the high road and didn’t flip the nice lady off. In my defense she seemed angry as she jabbed her finger at the front of my car.


As a runner in a big city, I can tell you that city drivers often don’t take into account that they know they’re stopping, but I don’t know you’re stopping. So a hard brake/short stop can be pretty scary, even if you’re following the rules and stopping right on the line.

But I’ve never certainly flipped out like this guy or anything-- and probably never would. After getting hit once (guy turning right who was looking left, I was coming from right) I try to make eye contact with the lead car to make sure they see me. Also, if I stop short while driving and scare someone, I try to wave and apologize because I know the jolt of adrenaline it causes.