Fellow gets out of parked car a second before it's crushed by rolling truck


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No, you’re not supposed to run out of the “red circle of death.” That’s not how it works!


So, why was this scene being filmed? If it’s a security camera, why does the scene shift and zoom partway through?


Often security camera is being shown on a monitor and then rerecorded by someone with their iphone, and this can often be deduced from office noise in the background. But in this case it looks like a security guard was manually controlling the camera to look at the guy loitering.


O snap! Clearly the video is a fake! I’ll bet that truck was inflatable.


The car was definitely deflatable.


Digital zoom, added in post. I can tell by the pixels.


To be fair, it looks like the car beside his car is the one that got fully crushed.


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