Racing game recreated in real life with following camera

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Cool as this was, I friggen can’t stand jerks like this who disregard other’s safety on the roads.

They really nailed it with all the subtle game UI conventions. Especially the look and feel of loading screens.

I think it’s a credit to the editing that they simulate the look of going faster and seemingly out of control aspects when the raw footage was normal driving. “Don’t try this at home” is more “This is edited and doesn’t represent reality.”


Mixed feelings. Nice production. I’m impressed it seems to have been shot with just a Sony A7III suctioncupped with a hope and prayer to the chace car windshield - no fancy gimbals or stabilizers, and that at times the camera/chase car was a pedestrian “You Drive” rental following a bunch of fancy cars.

The post production stabilization and graphics are excellent

On the other hand, I’m not a fan of irresponsible driving on public roads - the opposite of the “controlled course” disclaimers we see in ads for cars.

It does when they are drifting around the traffic circle in the rain, and in the shots shown in the BTS video of other shoots, including a side-by-side four car race down two lane, two-way road.


Yep, the drifting scene was a red flag for me but hey, the rich/oligarch kids are at least getting out and improving their After Effects skills!

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Considering the Lamborghini was rented and the other cars are expensive but not actual supercars I doubt these are oligarch kids. Definitely rich kids, though, with a regard for public safety and social behaviour to match.

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Yes this is probably true… was just making a sideways comment about the wealth gap in Russia and a sense that there would be no repercussions for filming on public streets.

Too realistic. The car actually looks like it’s driving ON the road instead of floating ABOVE it, which is what the follow camera view always looks like. To me it’s the uncanny valley for driving games.

This one in 1000X more exciting.

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