Incredible street driving in Los Angeles


Obligatory: “Donuts… I see what you did there…”


I like how you can tell from the skid marks whether a shot is the first take or not. Randy’s Donuts appears to have been nailed on the first take, while several other scenes appear to have required multiple takes. I wonder if any of the outtakes are exciting or if they’re just plain boring.

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Some of them are practice runs, others are different takes to move cameras around and get additional angles. Still others are probably because of mistakes on previous runs. Compared to most Ken Block videos the black marks are actually fairly limited… many times you’ll see him doing stunts on pavement that’s pretty much totally black. I wonder if limited access to the locations forced their hand.

The car really sounds wonderful, they need to make a video of running through the gears for 15 minutes.


Is the extra stick a cutting brake?

I was kinda hoping he’d end the skid flawlessly bellied-up to the takeout window. :smiley: Very nice, regardless.

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a 410 cubic inch Roush Yates V8 with 845 hp mated to a one-off Sadev all-wheel drive transmission with a hydraulic handbrake system

fucking A


Man that’s some delicious evil.

That is by far the best use of LAPD resources I’ve ever seen. Think of the lives that were saved that day!

No, really. I’m actually not being sarcastic. They could have been out there shooting up innocent newspaper delivery women and their elderly mothers instead.

I will give them shit for that for a very long time.

But anyway, I wonder how hard it was to get the street closures and permits? If anyone was worried about inconvenienced commuters, I’d hasten to assure them that on any given Sunday morning before 9:00 or 10:00 AM, downtown L.A. is gonna be a ghost town like that, with or without the street closures. I just wonder what it cost to get the city on board, especially for a project like this that involves a few dozen GoPros rather than, say, Michael Bay.

They’ve frowned on such displays of speed in my presence in the past.


I was thinking the same thing. In fact, I’d like to see the camera feeds from the engine mount (covering the throttle linkage), foot pedals, top-down interior of the car and driver, and the rear front-facing camera. I’d also like the car if they’re willing to give it to me…I’m guessing both tires and speeding tickets would do me in after the first five miles.

I’m not a NASCAR fan, and drag races are fun for the first few minutes but then it gets kinda old to me, but there is something absolutely wonderful about an engine that’s been tuned and tweaked to the limits.

I love how in the end, after the final doughnuts sending out a ton of smoke, he gets out of the car and oversees a city drowning in smog.
oh the irony…

I wonder if any children out there are dreaming of being Ken Block when they grow up. I would.

Stunt drivers flinging overpowered cars through carefully-rehearsed paths on streets closed off by the LAPD?

Pssshh. Just another day at work for a lot of us. (Did you know something like 85% of all new-car commercials are shot in downtown LA?).

You want a really, really ‘crazy wonderful’ tour of LA, I recommend this one:

Urban Isolation: Skating in Abandoned L.A.
(A REDirect contest winner on Shot on RED.)

I liked the tumbleweed. And the ending was well done, too.

Haha, yes - the tumbleweed was genius.

And all of it shot run-and-gun - no permits, no traffic control, just grab’n’go and try not to get run over by the invisible cars. (-:

Passing the low-speed chase of the O.J. Simpson Bronco was a nice touch.


Ahh… El Bronco Blanco! That was a memorable moment in time for Angelenos of a certain age.

> Ferrari/Shell commercial: best sound design I’ve ever heard in an ad.

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Ah, dear god that was lovely. I was in Baltimore last year for the Grand Prix, and the sound coursing through the city was absolutely wonderful. Ear-splittingly loud and phenomenally hot, but awesome nonetheless.

EDIT: Came back to Jackie Stewart is probably the most kickass driver ever (and to recommend this movie). Yeah, I recognize the need for capable of nothing more than piloting an insanely fast vehicle through remarkably difficult tracks, but all you have to do is listen to him explain how to take a corner in Weekend of a Champion and his awesomeness becomes immediately apparent. He speaks French, too, so bonus points.

That was mesmerizing.

So what happened in that cloud of smoke under the freeway that caused the monster to respawn in the hollywood hills?