Exciting drone footage of rally car


Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2018/10/10/crazy-drone-footage-shot-inche.html


Neat work around the car that will need new tires.


“How can we make this insanely dangerous sport less safe?”

Seriously though, that’s badass.

Still, my inner square wonders if they paid to fix the guardrails they scraped.


I like how the introduction of the drone turns this in to “Rally Driver vs The Evil Dead”.


That is definitely a drift car and not a rally car.

Still a great video.


I think the view from the passenger seat is just an ordinary camera in the passenger seat. You can see it at 1:37.

Enjoyed the video, though!


I was also wondering whether Rob has ever heard about a concepts of editing and montage … facepalm


any excuse to post a Tom Scott video



I thought Rob was serious at first and wondered how he knew the in-car footage was from a drone. But seriously, I call shenanigans at 1’46". I find it hard to believe the camera (endroned or not) was just sitting there waiting to get smashed to a pulp if that drift had been slacker by a matter of centimeters.


No. A Corvette is not a rally car - I’d like to see it try even a short stretch of gravel that real rally races swallow with ease.


The answer seems to be:

“Do it with a Corvette”

Really, that was the weirdest thing to see.


Gratuitous drifter drifts gratuitously!



Maybe 1/3rd of the footage is from a drone.


I find that part at 2:11 where they are standing on the outside of the curve the unsettling part.

From many other rally videos, I’ve learned that is definitely not where you want to stand.

Thus it seals this as being a drifter, not a rally. Also ‘cause it didn’t try to snack on them, like a Mustang at a Cars n’ Coffee exit.


Hey, this reminded me of this other test done by Rooster Teeth. The concept is kinda the same, but the execution is different.


Thank you. That was bugging me. Unless specially prepped, that Corvette would be smoking by the side of the course before the end of Stage 1 of a real rally.


I fluv that song.


“Shifting & Drifting”