Annoying rally driver coach


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Still better than my Garmin GPS.

Watching rally videos I always assumed it took years to build up a synergy between the navigator and driver. Well at least at the speed that pro drivers are going.

It sounded like a mildly racist fake to me.

Helpful driving advice like this is one of the reasons I’m divorced.


I don’t know what other people are seeing, because I see a really, really bad driver and a co-driver exasperated at him for not following the pacenotes. Rallying is full of blind curves and dim trails, so the driver has to drive to what the co-driver is telling him, not what he sees.


Why did I click play? I saw the word “annoying,” and yet I clicked play anyway. And then I acted all surprised when the video was, in fact, annoying.


Funny how everything is shaped by the title. I wonder how many people see it and are anchored to thinking the navigator is a jerk. This video was an entry post in the car-centric blog Jalopnic last week and there (and I give them more credibility in judging the actions of the navigator) they sided on the navigators side in title and in comments. Seems that from a professional’s POV, the driver made a lot of mistakes in his driving. Real life rally is not like video games where people keep their finger on the accelerator at all times and simply turn hard into the corner and skid out.

From my non-pro eye, the driver is at fault. He never slows before tight corners, he stops turning and starts driving straight out during curves that are continuing (“long curve samir! long curve!”) meaning he is hitting the outside of the curve, and makes a lot of other mistakes. In real life, skidding out is a sin and almost never occurs. The fact that this guys skids out every curve shows he’s awful.

Mark, I ask this in jest - you may want to analyze why you choose to title your video that way. Is there nothing to be read into your title? Is there? Do you get criticized a lot in your driving and let it show in the title? Do you instinctly dislike any sort of criticism? Do you not recognize that this is an edited video of a long rally race with the criticisms spliced together?


I bet this guy is a lot of fun to play video games with.


Samir, concentrate please!
Please listen Samir!!
Samir for fuck sake WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!!

A number of times, you see the car going off the road just as it cuts to a new clip. At 1:12, the driver almost kills a fan. 3:30 “Samir, Samir, what are you doing man?”

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But look at the guy’s driving. He’d have crashed a hundred times if Vivek wasn’t yelling at him the whole time. Did he scarf down a bottle of Benadryl before running the stage??


We need to kickstart a GPS navigation system with Vivek’s voice.


Does that not set off some alarms for you?

The idea that a real person fits closely with your version of racist stereotypes says more about you and what you view as appropriate behavior than it does about the person you presume to be fake.

Think about your underlying presumption for a second: “no real Indian acts that way”.

*presuming he’s Indian

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I know a few Indian people working in professional environments and they tend not to act that way.

So if you knew a few, and they did act that way, would you presume any who didn’t to be faking?

There are a freaking billion of them. My guess is that they are a diverse group of people with different personalities, different values, etc.

But why should it be a surprise when someone acts roughly in line with a stereotype that applies to them? Stereotypes, while they can have negative effects, often arise from observed behavior (especially the benign ones).

(Last night I watched Breaking Bad with a few friends, and we drank wine, craft beers and homemade iced tea, while eating from a plate of fancy salami, blackberries and Japanese pears. You might be able to use your knowledge of stereotypes to guess my race.)


It’s especially funny because of the Indian accents!





Well … the navigator has sued the Creator of the video citing libel. In his defense, the navigator is an acknowledged expert and champion on the Indian circuit. You can judge for yourselves how good or bad the driver is.


i heard the driver say “shut up, yaar” a couple of times. nobody faking an indian accent knows ‘yaar’!!