Barbie ride-on toy car modded with real engine goes 70 mph

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Barbie: “You had me at Drift Cart!”


Always check for cats before stepping on the gas.


Mr. Olding has picked an interesting way to explore the cognitive effects of cranial trauma.


The image of a fatal crash involving this mini-Mustang should not be funny… yet it will be.


I wonder how sturdy this is? It looks like the front suspension has already failed in the picture.

But really, this is just a go-kart with a bodykit.

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This thing has no roof, so: always check for cats on your … helmet, before stepping on the gas.


Transgenre 'murica !

@boundegar I guess you’ll be checking this carefully before your smallest orgy?


Ah to be young and immortal again. /s

Now what he needs to do is learn how to work with fiberglass and make a body for one of these:

The wheels are cambered like that specifically for drifting (and for styling).

So it’s a functional racing vehicle with a fake family car bolted on top. Reminds me of NASCAR.

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Won’t that ruin the tires extremely quickly and reduce their contact patch, making them worse for breaking and steering? Aren’t the front wheels supposed to maintain their grip when you’re drifting?

It actually compensates during cornering, placing the maximum amount of tire on the road. Camber doesn’t actually need to be too dramatic to be effective. He may have tuned things a bit to the extreme for the photo shoot, and he might be able to adjust the camber as needed with a pit stop or custom tuning hack.

So this is the automotive equivalent of when a woman gets enormous and obviously fake boobs because bigger is always better?

The kind of cornering where a tire at 45 degree camber is maximizing its contact patch is probably not one you want to do too often.

My roommate used to do drifting in Tokyo, but I am not the expert, so I can’t really draw too many comparisons.

Needs a banana peel launcher.

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