Watch a Hot Wheels dashcam road trip

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We really got shortchanged on loops and banks…

Still pretty cool. Wish I’d had the space to do that as a kid.


How come the school Guidance Counsellor never recommends jobs like this? And why the did she say I should be a bee keeper? Further, why did she say that, like, four people in my class alone should be bee keepers? How much work is there for bee keepers, anyway? Way to distort the Market, Mrs Mendelssohn!


Do you think he added weights or something to the toy car for the underwater shots?


Well, maybe…or maybe he used one of the old hot wheels, with the solid metal bodies/undercarriages.
I can remember getting clipped in the head with one of those, thrown by some irresponsible tard in a sandbox somewhere during my childhood.

It hurt, fyi.


Ah, you’re new to the magic of filmmaking. No reason to assume the vehicle resembled an actual Hot Wheels car at all, likely it was a custom mini camera dolly with the weight to get a stable shot and not roll from the cam on top. And there were cuts, it was not a continuous miles long track.



But there didn’t even seem to be a loss of momentum when it went underwater, but if the video was sped up in editing I didn’t notice it.

I’d like to see whatever rig was worked up to make this. The visible wheels seemed to have a lot of travel too, but I’ve never been the size of a tiny Hot Wheels driver so maybe that’s normal or the designs of those cars has changed a lot since I was a kid.


*half-hearted “Aaaaaaaahhhhh!”


The loop seemed to be too slow too.


Between 1:13 and 1:14 at the point when it hits the water, the camera perspective changes a lot, you can’t see the wheels any more and there’s no clean view of the entry into the water. As soon as it’s out it shifts back to the other perspective. It looks like he edited that water sequence in. Probably the whole thing is a series of takes cut together though I’m too lazy to scrutinize too much.


Pretty much every time we “go through a tunnel” there’s an edit, actually. It’s amazing how well the trick works.

Doesn’t take away from the coolth of the Hotwheels camera rig, though.


This is so far from Hot Wheels it will only disappoint kids (or dads) from trying to recreate any of it.
Other than the edits that make it look like a single trip, there’s the speed issue. A toy car relying on gravity to keep moving won’t make it once around the yard. First, I was thinking that the blue dots on the track were some kind of magnetic accelerators, but I eventually gave that up and decided the car (or camera dolly) is self powered.

Fun video, but don’t bother trying this at home.

Came for the Gawker sale article. Stayed for the Hot Wheels porn.

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Me too, I was hoping hotwheels had decided to make an awesome futuristic line of accelerated cars.

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