Watch: newly release dashcam video of driver evading attempted heist

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When we train people, we teach them to pre-visualise what they need to do, that it is a mindset."

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Ah, NOW I see what was going on. Three or four vehicles of men trying to take them out.

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I sure wish more gun owners in the US had this mindset.


Video link for the BBS


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Also it looks like he was part of a two-truck (at least) convoy, or was the armed and armored escort to a standard box truck, and was going offensive to protect the other truck. Previously I’d thought he was just trying to get away from the attackers.


Didn’t think it was possible for this scenario to be more terrifying (and simultaneously impressive) yet here we are.


So what was the deal with the two trucks in the road with the people running out of the way? Where they in on it, or broke down/accident that was unrelated?

ETA - oh the one on the right was in on it for sure, setting up an ambush I guess? But the one on the left, those guys are running away? Maybe they stopped when the other truck stopped and then got out and ran. Little surprised no one took a shot at them when they were posted up.


It looks like Prinsloo was the armed escort for that box truck, and the white Ranger was one of the attackers. The attackers disabled the box truck after passing the escort. You can see the box truck drivers fleeing as the attackers advance on it. Prinsloo tries to run over the attackers as he comes up to the scene, and then rams them as they try to get away.


So if the box truck drivers fled, and when Prinsloo tried to run them over he went past them and kept on going … why did they split in the Ranger? Seems like that had some time to break into the truck and grab stuff, if not steal the entire truck.

My guess is the other attackers in the grey van were supposed to take out the escort, and when they failed to do so the attackers from the white Ranger took off rather than fight the escort.

Thanks. I’ve gotten the workflow down to ten seconds these days so it’s pretty easy to add videos as I come across them.




That explains why he was making a U-turn in the original, longer version. He was circling back to disrupt any straggler-ambushers and protect the drivers.

Really wish this new video was longer than 0:45.


Brassplate Private Security – one step down from PMC

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Yeah, really. At least as long as the original video.

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