Watch this new heart-pounding edit of last year's South African armored car heist

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That dude is an absolute fucking badass. No way I could have kept my cool like that.


Yikes. I had previously seen the initial bit of video, when they were first fired upon, but thought they escaped and that’s where it ended - I had no idea how long and stressful the whole ordeal actually was, nor how many people and vehicles were involved. Damn, that was very much an action movie sequence - I’m now re-evaluating how I view action movies and their realism.


Forth day on the job?!?


And the first day was probably orientation, badging and payroll stuff.


I feel like I was watching Heat 2 or something. With the editing and the music it was a good as any action film.


Get these guys on the big screen. Buddy action movie stardom is just a re-enactment away.


Amazing how early he was onto them. He was repeatedly looking in the rear view mirror well before any shots were fired or the car zoomed up next to them

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It was put together so well that by the end I had forgotten it wasn’t a movie.


I feel for the new recruit on his fourth day.

“So, uh, does this kind of thing happen often?”

“Usually not more than twice a day.”

“Oh. That’s good.”

I wonder about the wisdom of leaving your armored vehicle to take a shot at the heavily-armed dudes who’ve just tried to jack you, but I guess that if you’re a sitting duck you don’t really just want to sit and wait for them to put holes in your bulletproof glass from close range. Your best dee-fense is a good o-ffense, as they say. The glass held up nicely, though.

EDIT: I Googled for “N4 highway armed robbery” and Google’s response was basically “Which one?” It sounds like that particular road is … bad … when it comes to high-speed shoot-outs between armored trucks and heavily-armed gangs. Gotta make for a stressful commute.

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Yeah, from the original I didn’t realize they turned around and drove against traffic for a while, then turned around and headed straight for the robbers!

It ends too soon, just when he gets out with the gun.


I apologize to all the action movies where I said, “Pfft, no one actually does stuff like this in reality!”

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Yeah I always gave that stuff a pass due to artistic license, and hell, they want to make things interesting even if it’s so obviously ridiculous and would never happen in real life.

Next up: real life video of car chase that destroys a fruit vendor’s cart


… and shaking hands with his new colleagues… any of which could have set up the armored car as a target for criminal buddies.

I seem to mis-remember this from some time ago
to be prezeiss… april 30 2021…

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