The Force is with this beautiful short Star Wars fan movie

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That was fun. I like the setting on the fringes of the Battle of Jakku.

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That was cool; though it still suffers from the central problem with Star Wars. The Imperial Forces preform so poorly that it undermines the heroics of the Rebels. The Stormtroopers seem like you wouldn’t trust them to guard a strip mall, let along a military complex.

I couldn’t make out much of the dialog. I played bits over and over trying to figure out what the hell was being said, the music booming, the people whispering. I searched for a closed caption option… seriously, re-level that audio and you would have a winner. This isn’t Lost In Translation.

Of course it was pretty darn excellent in most other respects, story aside (it’s 6 minutes folks!)


Agreed. I have a nice surround system hooked up to my desktop, and the bass was so overwhelming in spots that I had to turn the volume down to avoid rumble and subsequently lost the voices. If the filmmakers take notice, perhaps they could remix for home use. I learned many years ago that what sounds good in the studio can be pretty bad at home if it’s not done right.

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sigh. great work but do something of your own next time…your clearly a good learning filmmaker please try something of your own, these fan film are great training but at a certain point you cant tell quality as it gets mashed up in the larger enity of it. by all means do this to learn your craft but i look forward to seeing something you made up.

I wasn’t aware that “Medic Alert” bracelets were an intergalactic institution. Neat!

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This is more confirmation why George Lucas should’ve offered the franchise up to younger, more eager and passionate storytellers the minute Episode 6 hit the screen.

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Could say the same about most high cost productions really. We often wonder is the dialogue deliberately buried in many US productions? It can’t be accidental with the money at stake. At best it seems low priority.

This is something of their own. Everything is a remix.

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