The forgotten world of TV guide magazines, curated

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Good Vibrations from London featuring Joe Cocker, Beach Boys, Richie Havens, The Sha Na Na Group an Melanie all hosted by Keith Moon. Hosted by Keith Moon!


Our local version of this was called “TV Week”. The V and the W were so tightly kerned, we always called it “TWeek”. I still remember a couple of gems from the TWeek listings:

8:00pm - Movie - “I Killed Rasputin”. The story of the man who killed Rasputin.

8:00pm -Movie -“The Outlaw Josie Wales”. Clint Eastwood kills some men.


Whoa, spoiler alert on that pic from 2001!

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#Hosted by Keith Moon!



how long till this gets pulled down, ala Nintendo Power?

The mandrakes! I’ve had too many of them!

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While I can’t claim to remember that particular illustration, I recognized that artist and that typeface and style INSTANTLY.

I grew up on Long Island and DELIVERED Newsday!

The TV book is one of the few things I remember well about Sunday Newsday. Strange wide format. I recall pouring through it as a tween, desperately trying to find Science Fiction shows and movies. They were pretty rare back then.

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