The full trailer for Tekken: Bloodline showcases the future of animation

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3D animation tools, and a lot of similarly related 2D CG tools have been in use in animation since the better part of a decade or two. Quite a few shows do a great job at hiding the 3D elements, though i see quite a few where its fairly obvious. You’d be surprised how much anime that looks 2D is actually using 3D models.

As far as my impressions of Tekken and its use of 3D, it seems alright. Though i don’t have a lot of hope for the quality of writing and plot. As far as “fighty boi” shows, this one seems relatively unexciting to me.


A small pedantic quibble, but I’m not sure this is a “style” so much as method/technique. Arcane, however, truly had a style (in its design). I’m not as hyped about this Tekken show trailer–it looks like a typical anime I’ve seen a hundred times. Also, I would argue that Rooster Teeth’s RWBY broke the ice on this 3D-2D animation approach years ago, with Arcane maximizing its potential.


I don’t like the Netflix animations. It is a little cranky for me. It is not fluid. Even old Hanna-Barbera stuff like The Rudd and Reddy Show have more fluid movements.

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My first thought upon watching the Tekken trailer was that it looked like a slightly more refined RWBY, animated on threes. Which…isn’t great, IMO. I much prefer the more painterly approach that Arcane took. The 3D was obvious, and was part of the aesthetic, rather than something hidden to make the end result look more like traditional anime. Still, when it comes to the fighty boi genre, I like the Tekken storyline more than, say, Street Fighter. Maybe I’ll check it out regardless of what it looks like.


Street Fighter can be good, i’ve seen one of the older SF animated movies and it was done real well. Even the fan made live action show (Assassin’s Fist) that was done some years back was pretty engaging to watch. Tekken on the other hand has never really caught my interest story-wise in the games, and seeing it in the format of a show it also doesn’t seem particularly exciting for my tastes.

The future is Tekken?

Arcane is full 3D, with effects to make it look stylized. Tekken is among the many anime that mix 3d and 2d.

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Arcane is 3d with 2d hand-animated effects to make it pop.

Ok, I watched a video about it. The characters are 3D while the environments are 2D. You could argue that most of the show is 2D considering that the characters aren’t taking up the majority of the frame. I’m not sure thats what the original post was saying however.

Arcane was simply beautiful.

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