How Lupin III perfected 3D anime

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For an interesting blend of classic 2D and CGI in anime, I highly recommend “Houseki no kuni” (The land of the lustrous).
A delicate coming of age story of a fragile (literally) protagonist in a dreamlike universe not like the one we live in.

The opening song is also pleasant, with its uncommon use of rhythm.

Japanese animation, barring a few exceptions, still relies on 2D animation as their primary style

Not wholly true. Japan has been doing 3D in anime for a really long time, and within the last few years they’ve been really good at making it look 2D. Seriously, i’m watching a few newer shows lately and i can see that the character animation is either 100% CG or nearly so. If there’s any drawn stuff i can’t tell the difference.

That said, i think your point is about stylized CG animation that highlights the fact that it’s CG instead of trying to pass it off as 2D. I’ve actually yet to see the Lupin movie in question, some day i’ll check it out hopefully because i do love Lupin.

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