The future is now: how I made a toy in a game

Years ago, my wife made a doppleganger of a certain Count in Spore (that game where you design your own species and lead it through history. Or just make creatures and things).

Recently I’ve learned that the latest patch allows exporting the creature models from the game into Collada format which can be read, for example, by Blender.
So I exported it,

tweaked it,

and brought the file to local 3D store to be printed.

Even my wife, who wasn’t exactly charmed by my sphynx attempts, was immediately inspired.
By the way, the scale was 4 cm (think LEGO minifig size), and the price was about 500 roubles for 2 copies (originally they were asking 570, but lowered the price, probably as an apology for some service mishaps) which you can convert to a currency of your choosing.

Note to Cory: the usage of the model is actually controlled by some draconian EULA which I’ve probably broken, though I hope not.

Count out!



(Had to reattach right hand because my son broke it off in like 2 minutes.)


no purple?

pretty neat, though!

I love it! I wasn’t aware that you could export Spore characters into physibles - that’s awesome. I haven’t played Spore in quite some time, but I might boot it up again just to see what I can create.

I think this will be a new standard for games - the ability to create custom avatars and convert them to physible makes the game much more personal. I can’t wait until my son is old enough to create his own…

Yeah, the paint job kinda spoils the likeness, but I’m not very good at it anyway.
Further proof:

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