Making gaming terrain out of nothing but spray bottles

Originally published at: Making gaming terrain out of nothing but spray bottles | Boing Boing

This reminds me of just after WH 40k was released, the Games Workshop team had a bit about turning a shampoo bottle into a spacecraft as a terrain feature. It all seemed pretty impressive at the time - the paint jobs and improvised bits, but everything that’s being done now, from the figure painting to the way trash is being transformed, is light years ahead of what people were doing then. Same with cosplay - years of people seeing each other’s work, learning from each other, and trying to out-do each other has led to an unbelievable increase in the quality of work being done. I think the effect is especially pronounced post-Youtube. I’m constantly blown away, seeing what people are doing.


My vote went to Miniature Hobbyist for all his cool rivets. Gert, however, remains Belgium’s best export in a while.

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