The future is now: they teach kids to build robots out of LEGO

Spotted at ВДНХ Exhbition Centre in Moscow, “Information City” Booth. Supposedly the kids now use this software and LEGO to build those simple robots in schools.

That’s pretty cool. :smiley:

They were teaching undergrad Eelectronics/CompSci students to program with Lego and Fischertechnik robots about 20 years ago (even pre-MindStorms) .

Yay for progress and the future!

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Lego Logo is younger than the elder gods; but not by much… Mindstorms is considerably more powerful; but a mindstorms controller is punchier than some of the computers that used to run the tether interfaces.

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Robot C…

Is that like ArnoldC?

In Russia, LEGO step on you.

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