The Gallery of Just Plain Assholes

The problem is that

applies to a whole spectrum ranging from libertarian-socialists on the left to ayn-cap arseholes on the right. Greenwald is not a libertarian socialist, he seems to be more of a radical centrist.


And ultimately, his claim to any of those positions is badly warped, because he cherry-picks his positions on each of them.

He’s opposed to monopoly (unless it’s Gazprom), opposed to surveillance and secret police (unless it’s Israeli or Russian), opposed to censorship (unless it’s of people who disagree with him), and he believes not in journalistic fairness but in his right to howl whatever made-up bullshit he feels like and force other people to listen to it.

Which is to say, all of the things Taibbi credits him with are only true in Bizzaro world.


That would put him with the tankies, who are anti-imperialist (unless it is Russia or the CPC), but that is incompatible with his history.

So, useful idiot who would eventually end up in a gulag?


I think he sees himself as truly independent of all politics and influences, and likes to demonstrate it by supporting things that most people don’t, and shitting on things that most people support, as a kind of performative independence. Or, as it’s otherwise known, trolling.


And now we’re back at radical centrism. Just pick a position and stay with it Glen!


I think he’s a screaming edgelord.


And why does Matt think anyone, especially people in other countries, has to give a rat’s ass about “current Democratic Party orthodoxy”?

It seems like an attempt to put all critics of Greenwald into one neatly-labelled box. Hm…

All those were important caveats to keep in mind. But they were no excuse to simply not examine the details of such a big story, much less baldly misrepresent them. Yet that is precisely what many ostensibly lefty voices have done. People like The Intercept 's Glenn Greenwald and independent writers Michael Tracey and Matt Taibbi seized on every failed liberal prediction to cast doubt on the overall story. When leaks emerged reporting that Mueller’s investigation was completed with no new prosecutions, Taibbi concluded: “It’s official: Russiagate is this generation’s WMD.”




Wow. I know they shouldn’t hold the Olympics in Tokyo this year, but it takes Olympic-level mental gymnastics to come up with a scenario that 1. You’d need to go to Italy for a treatment not available in the US (if you have the money), 2. You’d get anywhere near a transoceanic flight with an AR-15, 3. That it wouldn’t be a greater risk to your son’s life than any disease to attempt it, 4. That Italian authorities would welcome you with open arms and rush your son to the nearest hospital upon arrival, rather than throw you in prison and immediately ship your son back to the US.

Better idea: if your son needs a medical treatment that either isn’t available in the US or that yo cannot afford, instead of needing that semi-auto rifle, talk to one of the insurrectionist millionaire- or billionaire GOP assholes that you worship to either pay for it or fly you to Italy on their private jet. That’s honestly a more feasible solution to the problem.


The AlfieEvans tag tells you every thing you need to know. Alfie was a boy who had a neurodegenerative disorder that was literally turning his brain into liquid, yet his parents refused to accept the inevitable and tried to get the Catholic Church to intervene to stop his life support getting turned off. He wasn’t going to go to Italy for treatment, he was going to be an empty shell of a human with machines keeping him alive. Even if they found a way to stop the degeneration too much of his brain had gone.


I did not know that. As a parent, I hope I never have to deal with anything like that with my kids. But I also know that I would not prolong a child’s suffering just to hold onto a shell of them.

So there’s a whole separate layer of wrong to that tweet. What a sick SOB.


Wow. I knew the process was crooked, but I had no idea how crooked.

Kinda sorry this is the first time I have linked Spacedock. If you love scifi spaceships, they make really excellent videos about them all, with levels of detail bordering on nerd overdose.


This one. “Look at meeeee!! You are not looking at meeee! Oppression! Oppression!! Look at meeee!”


I am tired and am probably not going to look it up.


Do your JOB, asshole!


Report: Thousands have died amid Qatar’s World Cup prep [Video] (

More than 6,500 migrant workers have died in Qatar amid the nation’s preparation to host the 2022 World Cup, The Guardian reports.

“The mortality rate among these communities is within the expected range for the size and demographics of the population," the statement read. “However, every lost life is a tragedy, and no effort is spared in trying to prevent every death in our country.”

FIFA also provided a statement to The Guardian.

“With the very stringent health and safety measures on site … the frequency of accidents on Fifa World Cup construction sites has been low when compared to other major construction projects around the world,” the statement reads, per The Guardian.

Notice, they make no claims about this site. Only that in other sites, mortality has been fairly low.
I suspect Qatar is not terribly concerned about these folks dying in their service, sadly.


No global events or competitions should ever be held in Qatar until they get their ‘lack of human rights’ shit together.


Mr. Kidd has been in the construction business since he was about 16. The number of people who died at the job sites he worked at is zero. The number of workers killed on the job in Qatar is staggering, shocking and and horrific.


The fact he railed against South American socialists and social democrats on his blog way back puts him in the right lib camp imo.


This is a deliberate attack.