The DoJ's corporate "diversion" program is supposed to change bad corporate culture, but really, it enables repeat offenders

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Corporate “death penalty”

Prison time for C-suite execs


It’s funny how readily people accept that when the poor act in ways suggestive of bad culture the cause is their personal moral turpitude and they need personal punishing; while clinging to the idea that consequences that don’t even directly touch them(and may not be consequences, when the fines are weighed against the profits of the crime) will somehow reform the moral dysfunction or the wealthy.

If you proposed that, say, the Crips should be fined and placed under a consent decree to mend their ways people would probably be too speechless to laugh at you for at least 30 seconds.

Yet, somehow, when it’s JPMorganChase, people gravely agree that such a plan is sound policy.


Ugh. Makes me glad there isn’t anyone here in Canada that is pushing for greater use of these kind of agreements and certainly no one who would attempt to undermine a prosecutorial decision to not make use of one of these agreements. That would just be the absolute worst.

Hey, anything we can do for you “job creators!”

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As punishment, we should make them pay their fair share of taxes for a year, that’ll teach 'em.


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