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There’s a really strong narrative in the Irish media and right wing political parties that we need to “respect” the DUP because they represent the majority in NI. Fuck that. I do not accept being told I have to “respect” homophobic, transphobic, misogynistic, racist, anti-science bigots.

They all avoid giving the party under her leadership responsibility for the very unrest that they now tacitly support. Their tying themselves to the most extremist Brexit supporters for cash (NI needed cash to be fair after her party had made a mistake and raided the NI rather than Westminster kitty for handouts to their supporters) is the reason that the legal situation they protest exists. They also, like good little doggies, refrain from blaming the English Tory party for knifing them in the back. Because their only plan is to beg for more biccies.

She’s personally far from the worst. Which is why she has to go. They want bigotry front and centre.


This is 40 years old, yet many of us still haven’t moved away from the “be nice to awful people” mentality shown here. :frowning:

I agree. There are people in the DUP who want to disappear me for being transgender. It is still political suicide for them to say it out loud but we are too close to it being socially acceptable in the UK.


It’s pretty front and centre for hardline DUP. It might not be politically open in most of the UK but the DUP don’t get punished for it. I don’t believe that it’s an issue for at least half the people who support them which is where my frustration comes from. Normalising their hatred allows “centrists” to vote “strategically” for them without having to face the bigotry they are actually voting for.

Which is why I’m angry at Irish media and “centrists” for their narrative of “tolerance”.


Well, it’s a start.


They did it.

“The data, which was published on the gang’s dark web site early Wednesday morning, is quite extensive, and includes individual dossiers on each officer that have been marked “confidential” and are “around 100 pages long,” NBC News reports. Those dossiers include a “vast array of personal information,” including “arrest history, housing and financial records, polygraph results and extensive details about their training and work background,” the outlet writes. Some officers detailed in the files are currently employed with the department, while others are former employees.”


Well, they did some of it. Only 5 dossiers involved, out of who-knows-how-many. I take this as proof of life kind of stuff. “This is a small part of what we have. Pay us or the rest comes out too.”


Saccoccia would pay tribute to his fallen convoy at a Terry Fox memorial where he declared his convoy was “travelling across Canada for an even greater cause” than Fox’s because “cancer affects a lot of people but the cause of our rights and freedom affects every single one of us.”

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Most congressional caucuses are formed to work broadly on legislative issues affecting a particular industry or topic, or to push an ideology continually as various bills are voted on. But the latest congressional caucus is much more narrow. Formed on April 15, the SALT Caucus is a bipartisan group of 32 House members working together to pass a tax cut that would prevent the federal government from collecting as much as $600 billion over the next 5 years from, almost exclusively, the top 5 percent of income earners.


The SALT Caucus leadership consists of:

Co-Chair Tom Suozzi (NY-3)

Co-Chair Josh Gottheimer (NJ-5)

Co-Chair Andrew Garbarino (NY-2)

Co-Chair Young Kim (CA-39)

Bill Pascrell, Jr. (NJ-9), SALT Caucus Vice Chair

Katie Porter (CA-45), SALT Caucus Vice Chair

Mikie Sherrill (NJ-11), SALT Caucus Vice Chair

Jamie Raskin (MD-08), SALT Caucus Vice Chair

Chris Smith (NJ-04), SALT Caucus Vice Chair

Lauren Underwood (IL-14), SALT Caucus Vice Chair

The other founding members of the SALT Caucus include: Reps. Danny Davis, Nicole Malliotakis, Julia Brownley, Judy Chu, Lee Zeldin, Michelle Steel, Mike Levin, Jimmy Panetta, Jimmy Gomez, Brian Higgins, Jerry Nadler, Tom Malinowski, Jeff Van Drew, Alan Lowenthal, Anna Eshoo, Andy Kim, Ted Lieu, Brad Schneider, John Larson, Eleanor Holmes Norton, Mike Garcia, and Gregory Meeks.


Fighting for their constituents! (cough) I mean, donors.

et tu Eleanor? There are at least half a dozen of these big ass yachts parked along the water front of DC every year. Many more if you include National Harbor in Md. just down river. Hmmmm

A few big ones over by the Pentagon too.



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Isn’t it such a bummer?
I just learned that my insurance provider (Home and auto) are one of the main corporate sponsors of ALEC so now I’m having to shop around for a new provider that doesn’t back that terrible group. It’s a shame, because my local rep is quite nice.


I know, right? Right out of the gate, it looked like she was going to be one of the good ones.


There are no good politicians just less bad ones. And it’s a trade off on issues that you’re aiming at.


I suspect there are no truly “good” ones, only good in certain areas and less good in others. And I think that applies to every person on earth. We all have beliefs or positions some others would find troubling. She has demonstrated enough good traits to get me to file this under “politicians have to do some evil shit to survive.” It is sad that this is true, but it is. And Bernie, AOC, Warren, pick it will or have demonstrated evidence of same. AS I have said before, Humans are a troubling species. Someday, maybe, we will get our shit together, but I suspect I will be several incarnations down the road before I see that.