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Well, it’s “behind them” sooner than they expected.


yeah… I suppose we should put that on their gravestones.


“ “I’ve got my own passport.”

The underworld has open borders. No papers required.


Maybe a coin for Charon, tho.


I don’t think most Democrats really even want to turn things around.

The Democratic party’s double standards on wealth inequality

It is better, they say, to have half a loaf than none at all. That is the case for this week’s tax proposals from congressional Democrats, which have watered down Joe Biden’s campaign plan. But the metaphor underplays the good fortune of America’s billionaires, who, at worst, would have to yield a few crumbs. For a moment it looked like the Democratic party would confront US inequality head-on. It has already passed. Barring a dramatic shift in partisan arithmetic, the super-rich seem to have bought themselves several more years’ reprieve.

It cannot all be put down to Democratic “moderates”, such as West Virginia’s Joe Manchin, whose 50th Senate vote gives him great leverage over the contents of Biden’s $3.5tn bill. . . . the loudest trumpet in this retreat belongs to mainstream party liberals from Democratic strongholds such as New York and California. They are hoping to repeal the $10,000 annual cap on the state and local tax deduction (Salt), which enables residents of high tax states to offset what they pay locally against their federal income taxes. Almost all the beneficiaries of scrapping the cap would be rich. The cost to the taxpayer would amount to $91bn a year, which would more than wipe out the income tax increases the wealthy would have to pay under the Democratic plan. The wealthiest 0.1 per cent would get an average $145,000 tax cut. For the middle 60 per cent of households, it would be $27 a year.



And of course they have kids left behind. Selfish pricks.


A very strong reason why it’s more important than ever these days not to buy “illegal” marijuana. If you absolutely feel the need to break the law, do it by buying regulated marijuana from other sources.


Hmm. But if they were legal growers they would have taken just as much water. Yes, regulation is definitely better, maybe some of it would have been stopped, but this seems like an awfully convenient villain to blame the lack of water on, instead of the decades of government-sanctioned water-theft by mega-farms, cattle, and cities springing up where none have any right to be.

Honestly, weed uses a lot less water than even something like almonds, which need absurd amounts and should never be allowed in the drought-stricken western states, but for the fact that farmers are so politically powerful.


In this specific case the farmer had the water rights to the creek water so legal growers wouldn’t be able to use the water at all, without negotiating with the farmer.


What I’m learning in this pandemic is that a lot of those grifters actually believe what they preach. I would have expected that most of them secretly took the vaccine and continued to pretend to be against it for views and clicks. Maybe I overestimated the far right’s cynicism and underestimated their stupidity.


I know there’s a lot of almond growers down river in California, but in Oregon? I’ve never been there.


That didn’t last long


a common affliction of petit-bourgeois intellectuals who’ve never had a proper Marxist education.

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Also… I was just reading this…


I guess Substack is the new…something or other!


I subscribe to a couple of substack newsletters, Heather Cox Richardson’s, Timothy Snyder’s, Annalee Newitz… I do agree that their model of paying high profile folks but not revealing that is problematic… And of course, the big issue was that some of the people they paid are high profile transphobes (including Greenwald). They claim to be just a platform, but facebook, etc, made the same claims and managed to do a hell of a lot of damage over the years.

I don’t know…


Democrats Sick Of Being Blamed For Cowardice On Issues They Actually Just Don’t Care About

WASHINGTON—Having thus far caved on eliminating the filibuster, advancing an adequate climate change agenda, and protecting voting rights, congressional Democrats told reporters Wednesday they were sick and tired of being blamed for cowardice on issues that, in reality, they just didn’t care about. “I’ve had it with being labeled spineless simply because, at the end of the day, I really don’t give a shit whether we tax the rich to help poor families or hungry children or whatever,” said Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY), stressing that his complete lack of interest in passing tough regulations for the financial services industry, supporting a Green New Deal, and ending the War on Terror hardly meant he was weak-willed or timid. “That’s so unfair. If these were issues Democrats truly cared about, then we’d fight the Republicans tooth and nail on them. We’d even have the guts to risk the lucrative relationships we’ve formed with powerful corporations, defense contractors, and billionaire donors. But for something like an eviction moratorium, Medicare for all, or a fracking ban? No fucking way.” Reached for comment, the hundreds of handsomely paid former Congress members now working as lobbyists and sitting on corporate boards were happy to acknowledge their utter cowardice.