The genetics of photosensitive sneezing, explained

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I’m a double sneezer.


Triple sneezer here, and very sensitive. My reaction is set off even with a change in orientation of the car I’m driving.


Ok, now why do I sneeze after eating?

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My god, I thought everyone did that!


Yep! Step out into the sun in the morning and I sneeze…Then I sneeze again… Normally a third time, and possibly a 4th and 5th. Never bothered me. In fact, I normally feel much more awake after a few healthy sneezes.

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Cibus-Sternutum. Definitely!

I get this too. As mentioned in some articles, strong mint flavors can do it as well. For me, I have mint and also dark chocolate.

I have the same issue. I do not know the reason, but it does help prevent serious overeating.

I noticed my son did this as a baby, and my mother said that if she feels a sneeze that won’t come she puts her face into the sunlight and then sneezes. This doesn’t happen to me. But, if my eyes feel dry or I have something scratchy in one I yawn to compress my tear ducts to get some moisture in there. But apparently this doesn’t happen for some people. Weird.

I sneeze after brushing my teeth, nearly without fail. I’ve searched the internet for a serious answer, but to no avail. It’s not a mint allergy either, which seems to be a common explanation. The best answer I’ve heard suggested is that a nerve is stimulated by the act of brushing my teeth.


I’m on the low end of the scale here. If I feel a sneeze coming on, I can force it out by staring at bright light, but I don’t sneeze every time I go from dark to brightly lit places.

I wonder if there’s a difference in effect between having 1 copy of the gene, and having two?

I don’t have the sneeze reaction to bright light, but I have a much worse reaction to bright sun in my eyes (mostly when driving) – It’s like a sleep ray… When driving into bright sun, my eyes start watering and I have to struggle to keep awake. It’s really strange and scary It’s like my brain wants to shut down.

This has happened to me, but only at certain times during my life.

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