The Golden Compass could be a masterpiece or a dangerous book that shouldn't be in the hands of children

Nope, it’s right. That’s Michael Palin pulling his cart full of mud.

They re-used castles an awful lot in Holy Grail :wink:


Oh how I wish I could claim that. My achy bones remind me that alas I can’t anymore.

I liked the books personally, not anything amazing but a good story at least to my liking.
I will definitely check out a copy of this from the library when I see it there.

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All books are dangerous and shouldn’t be in the hands of children. Children should learn to turn pages using their toes.


My daughter love love loves these books, but I found the Christianity so heavy handed it didn’t do much for me. It’s weird because my daughter is REALLY into her Judaism, so I’m not sure exactly what’s so appealing about the books to her, but she has read and re-read them to death. I wonder if it’s one of those things where she’ll read them as an adult and wonder why she was so into them. I had a couple of books like that when I was kid.

No Christ figures, and God doesn’t show up until after the first book, and when it does it’s just like @Doug says.

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Oh god help me, Xanth. I ate them up as a kid, and looking back I only feel a bit of shame and a heaping helping of utter confusion. Most of my young tras–literary obsessions as a kid had some imprint on me now, but not those. Piers Anthony was creepy, to boot, he really liked his erections, and describing them in detail.


Yeah they were fun distractions for me in my early college days where I didn’t have so much to do, but looking back on them now, kinda ewww.

His “Incarnations of Immortality” books were a wee bit better. Not great literature, but less cringe worthy. The first one was actually pretty decent, I would reread it if my memories of the author wasn’t tainted with pretty much he ever wrote.

I think I actually blocked out reading Xanth, I was, inexplicably a fan boy, I even was in the fan club. No wonder my mom forced Steinbeck, and Pearl Buck on me. Thanks mom!

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Ha ha ha.


well that and the movie was pretty but kinda scattershot otherwise.

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