The great Buckwheat hoax

I know it’s supposed to be fun watching this guy get his comeuppance, but it just makes me feel gross. I feel bad for him. You have to be in a pretty low place to pretend to be a minor character from a series of shorts which at that time would have been over 60 years old.


Four channels? You were lucky!

We only got two channels. They were mostly static and only on a black and white set! Not to mention the second was only in Spanish.


And Trump = Butch.

Therefore, ‘Woim’ = Pence


Ahem… word: Syndicated for TV (i.e., “reruns”) and DVDs. You needn’t be 80… or 100 years old to have seen enough of The Little Rascals to know ‘enough’ about them.


Yeah, we’d come home from school, score some sugar frosted flakes with milk*, shut the drapes in the TV room and turn on The Little Rascals or George of the Jungle and watch intently until Mom got home, shut off the TV, threw the drapes open and proclaimed “It’s a beautiful day outside!** Out of the house, you kids, until dinnertime!” If she was delayed by shopping we might get a whole 45 minutes of TV a day, because we were privileged kids.

* without milk it was like eating tiny cheese graters.
**I seem to recall she would do this during a driving rain, thunderstorm, or blizzard.


I am fairly certain the 20 total minutes I spent at 9 years old watching was all the information I needed for this and many more lifetimes.

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What does that matter? Only new releases can impact a person and their views on life? I don’t think so.


I never question anyone’s TV watching habits, especially when it involves innocent enjoyment.



TRUMP: “Yum, yum! Eat 'em up!” (Too obscure, perhaps?)


Oh I’m judging people on this one…watching LR was like being stabbed in the eyes. no thanks.

Dick Van Dyke and I LOve Lucy on the other hand… :smiley:

(totally get what you mean, all joking aside)

It matters because when I saw the Little Rascals reruns on TV, I automatically found them unrelatable, and borrowed from another time and place. It’s like how you think about the music your parents listened to versus the music you grew up listening to.

I think:

about sums up how I feel.

It’s not like somebody’s making you watch Small Wonder.


I will come clean…I watched the show when I was 10, and I still have a crush on her to this day.


3 until 1984. Amiright?

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METV!?!? Did you ever stop to consider that TV is about all of us!


Ah so really the publish date is not the root issue. Being able to relate to the character’s is. And for you that oldness of the show diminished your enjoyment. Fair enough. But don’t assume that is the case for everyone else.

I didn’t find the show any harder to relate to than shows set in the future or an another planet. I was aware it was made a long time ago, but to me that didn’t matter. I liked the characters, the adventures and the comedy. Also there were plenty of new shows that I didn’t relate to.


Very early 80’s at least in Kansas; ABC, CBS, NBC, and PBS. No UHF channels in our area. Though I remember some family friends of ours living in Florida had cable very, very early, around the birth of Nickelodeon in '77.


Two channels!! You were lucky!
We only had a cardboard box with knobs and a picture drawn on.

(am i doing this right? ;-P)


We watched Little Rascals, The Three Stooges, Leave it to Beaver, Dobie Gillis and I Love Lucy along with dozens of other re-run shows from the 1940’s to the early 1960’s on the independent TV station when I was a kid in the early 1980’s. They even played old cowboy serials from the 1940’s. That’s where I learned the true meaning of the word cliffhanger. All of them were more than 20 and in some cases 40 years old. As a child, I found all of them relatable.


“Many more lifetimes” of contemplating how The Power of Now plays into my worries & fears for such a nice man pretending he’s Buhwheet - oh dear lord baby jesus or as our brothers to the south call you hey-soos we thanks you so much for the absolute meaningless contusion brought forth in this post by a BB fan and all the little shorts we are about to bare. feal the american bern. amen

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