There must be a Tio Salamanca joke here.

Make it so.

I find it criminal that I have only found out about that blog just now.

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I am oddly unsurprised to note that Pugsley seems rhythmically challenged.

They could have played it forwards and backwards to remove the jump. Opportunity missed!

You know what’s sad ?? That nobody has surpassed the genius of the original Addams Family. The First movie came close, and you could tell the actors were enjoying it thoroughly (ESPECIALLY Raul Julia. . . )

But how many shows in the vast wasteland that is network TV today, will have the staying power of some of those 60’s shows. Addams Family. Star Trek.

And even older stuff: let’s face it, the Three Stooges NEVER gets old. . . the recent movie. . . not so much. . .

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