The Addams Family - The Complete Series


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Perhaps to conclude the half-century old nostalgia with some Adult Wednesday Addams from youtube?


Make sure you don’t accidentally say something in French, otherwise you might be on the hook for contributing to the delinquency of a minor, eh.

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My favorite line from a movie review was in one for Army of Darkness that said, “It’s good family entertainment–if you’re the Addams Family.”

It’s nice to know that some kids are being raised properly.


My grandfather bequeathed to me a nearly-complete set of Charles Addams cartoons. These contributed so much more to my childhood than the TV show.

Trivia: in an interview, Addams said he originally planned to name the boy “Pubert.”

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Along with the Professor on Gilligan’s Island and Kirk-Scotty-Spock, Gomez was formative for me. As I’ve aged, I’ve only admired that creation more: while being seriously odd, he was in love with his family and able to express it, scholarly albeit sometimes genially clueless, rich, fit, accepting of others…in short, a gentleman. I hope your kids like that family as much as I did.


Which is why they named the new baby that in the second AF film…

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Wonderful! And for just $5 more, you can get the two Anjelica Huston, Raul Julia, Christopher Lloyd movies. The TV series and the movies are very different, but they have in common absolutely great casts. The two involved enough scenery-chewing for an entire decade of all the plays on Broadway.

Hm, it doesn’t have the same impact if it’s a baby. Well, Addams is far too dead to complain.

Oh I don’t know, it’s very Addams-ish to imagine a ‘fully grown’ baby.

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Yesssss! We have recently started showing our 8 year son the old Addams Family and he thinks it’s hysterical.

By all accounts Addams hated how the TV series turned out, and I can sorta understand his point. I liked it well enough myself and it’s fun on its own terms, but the movies are a far more faithful adaptation of the look and feel of his cartoons.

One of my favorite childhood shows for sure. 9 DVDs for $25 seems quite fair, my only concern is one of the reviews mentions they are dual sided discs however. @jlw can you confirm?

They are recorded on both sides of the DVD. They work fine for me.

Also I ripped them via Handbrake and put on my drobo/plex.

John Astin was the perfect dad - never angry, fun, and let his kids play with dynamite. And he had a wonderful chemistry with the exquisitely lovely Carolyn Jones, who was a very accomplished actress. They were probably the only television couple of that era who showed that much physical affection. i’m surprised they didn’t catch flack for enthusiastically sexual vibe.

Thanks for the confirmation. I’ve had less than stellar luck with flipper DVDs in the past but $25 for the set is kind of compelling.

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