Tim Burton "looking to develop" The Addams Family as a present-day, live-action series

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He needs to meet the fine folks at Trundle Manor here in Pittsburgh. They worship the Addams family and are awesome folk too


Tim Burton needs to do a movie about Lord Timothy Dexter. He’s really the only director who could do it right,


Cast Christina Ricci or GTFO.


I see one pair of striped socks on any of the characters and I’m throwing a brick through the fucking screen.


If it’s like the rest of the stuff on CW, it’ll turn into another angsty teen soap ten minutes after the pilot episode concludes.


You too can create your own Addams family series! It took a few episodes, then I was hooked.


Uh, no thanks. Burton has demonstrated that he can’t be trusted with anyone else’s IP. Look what he did to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. And Dumbo. And Alice in Wonderland, and Dark Shadows, and Planet of the Apes, and…well, you get the point.


Let’s make it creepier… and do a mix of Addams family and Partridge Family… Just start running the 60’s theme through your head and substitute Partridge Family for Addams Family… and shift the characters around… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

While the Addams Family had some cool characters, The Munsters was more fun to watch.

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I was going to say; It’s been done before. Loved Adult Wednesday Adams.


Terry Gilliam, perhaps?

Hadn’t heard about Dexter before, but he seems to have been an interesting character.


The Munsters was more fun to watch

This. Tim Burton’s movies have a tendency to be happy even in a gloomy way. While the Addams Family had a certain positive outlook it was delivered in a more serious deadpan way than I think Burton could pull off.

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I always wanted a crossover of the two.


Starring Helena Bonham-Carter deepfaked as Wednesday Addams.

That series was so wonderful. I know she got shut down by the Charles Addams estate, but really, her take as a series is something I would absolutely watch.

I thought Dark Shadows was a horrible rebooting of the original, but a fun movie if left to stand alone. Honestly, I think that he could do the Addams family well, I mean, he already looks like a member of the family.

Oh, is that what happened? I mean, I can understand it happening, but she did such a remarkable job. Still, they at least let her leave up the episodes she’d done, so we still have those. I’ll admit, discovering that series was a real treat!

I’ve never heard of this guy and I read about him for a little bit.

he wrote a book that was eight thousand words long without almost any punctuation and added 11 pages of punctuation at the end telling people they could add it where they wanted.

This guy is quite loony, I like it

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Before I met the Trundle Manor people, I used to think the same.

Then they explain to me why they like The Addams Family so much, and detest The Munsters.

In their View The Munsters were a completely implausible family of monsters trying at all costs to act and seem as normal as possible, essentially trying to hide what they obviously were and act like everyone else.

The Addams we’re a mostly normal-looking Human family taking macabre to the extreme while also having monster like family members, but openly doing their thing weirdly in front of anyone who visited but not trying to hide any of it and acting as if it were all completely normal.

When people found them weird, and ran away scared, unlike with the Munsters, who got sad and tried to conform more, the Adams just dismissed it with complete ignorance of why anyone would even find them scary in the first place they thought they were just as normal as anyone else.

It’s an interesting dichotomy actually that I always felt should be a book or something.

The Trundle Manor folks love the Addams’s because they are into freaky things too and they just want people to see it as a different kind of normal in a way or at least open expression of it being so, basically proponents of fly your freak flag high with the macabre.

They are delightfully entertaining and intelligent people I greatly miss visiting them on Halloween. Excellent horror movie showings you know.