Whatever happened to Alfalfa from Little Rascals?


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Link please.


Here’s one:



What happened!?! I’m dying to know but keep getting 404’ed! Oh, the hyperbole!


Fun fact. Carl Switzer played the disgruntled would be boyfriend who opens the floor over the swimming pool in the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life”. It was an uncredited role for some reason.


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He was born in 1929.
He was born in 1927. He couldn’t be 31 if he was born in 1929.


He shot Buckwheat. Everybody knows that.


I’ve watched It’s A Wonderful Life many times through the years. I never realized it was Alfalfa who made the gym floor open up.


For the curious, adjusted for inflation that would be $421.59.


I thought he died on set.


Otay, that is fake news…

Tree Times a Mady…


Damn. That’s joyous. And to think this film was a flop.


Non-speaking role: no credit, much less pay.


But he did speak, and he did get credit. I just never made the connection.


Oh, sorry! I didn’t remember that part of the scene, and was going by the snippet provided in the YouTube video.


The voice you hear at the beginning of the clip is Alfalfa’s. Mary (Donna Reed) was his date to the dance, or at least the woman he’s cornered, and George Bailey lures her away from him. He sulks away, and then opens the gym floor for revenge.




Switzer also appeared in Going My Way as one of the kids Bing Crosby convinces to join the choir - after Stanley Clements (one of the East Side Kids) slaps him around a bit. And that slapping Alfalfa routine was later spoofed in the Looney Tunes cartoon Mouse Wreckers where Berties slaps around Hubie. Everything’s connected, man.


We should play 6 Degrees of Alfalfa.