Michu Meszaros, who played TV extraterrestrial Alf, RIP

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Wait, so they only used an actor when they absolutely had to use an actor? And SAG didn’t mind?

Puppeteers used otherwise? Plus, you’d only get into a full body teddy suit under the lights if you absolutely had to. I guess…

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I don’t want to be one to spread rumors, but I just hope that the police make sure there wasn’t foul play involved…MR TOMPKINS

Nah, SAG wouldn’t mind. Long as SAG puppeteers get paid, SAG stunt performers get paid, and SAG voice actors get paid, it all works out.

I imagine both David Prowse and James Earl Jones got residual payments for Return of the Jedi. Oh, wait…


Shame about Michu Meszaros, but who’s this Maestros character, barging into the middle of an obituary?

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This makes me sad. I love Alf. Of course, the Alf Tales cartoon was way better than the show, but… I know this dude didn’t do the voice, but I especially loved Alf because is probably the best impression I can do.

Tonight in his honor we shall DINE ON CAT!


“Meszaros, standing at just 2 feet 9 inches tall, was born in Hungary.”

I was born hungry too.


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how many boingers have no idea who ALF was?

oh crap, I’m old.


Actually I remembered him from 2nd grade (late 1970s), when we were studying the circus. Someone brought in a Ringling Bros. program/book, and it had a picture of Michu in it. I don’t know how/why I remembered that after all these years.

EDIT: I might’ve watched Alf twice and assumed it was always a puppet.


I have one or two of those old programs, and I remember him being in at least one of them. Along with Gunther Gebel-Williams. Jeez, now there’s another name I’ve not heard in a Kenobi-esque long time.

God, I haven’t been to the Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Combined Shows since the 1970s. Back then they were loads of fun.

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Holy crap, he was the lion tamer, right? That’s another name I remember from the program. We went to the circus ourselves in 1980; if he was still in the circus at that point, then that was probably the last time I’d heard his name, until now!


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