Battlestar Galactica's 'Muffit the Daggit' was played by a chimpanzee


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monkey =/= chimp

But yeah, that’s messed up.


Aww. Dang. Now I feel better they didn’t have them in the new series.

PS His handler’s outfit is outta this world! (I’ll just show myself out now.)


I am glad I never had any real affection for the show, because I wouldn’t want to be fond of something that had animal abuse in every episode.


I am glad I didn’t know this as a kid. While I loved Daggit, I don’t like primates like chimps.


monkey != chimp



Monkey ≠ chimp.

Yay Android!


Now I’m waiting to find out what horrific thing we’ll learn about Buck Rogers’ friend Twiki.


Perhaps “bidi bidi bidi” means “I’m soiling my stiff plastic suit.”


Oh! blah:


monkey <> chimp.



I can’t even remember why I didn’t have any affection for the show.
I was on board with Space 1999, Ark 2000, and Planet of the Apes (tv series), so I’m pretty sure it wasn’t due to good taste.


I’m with you. BSG was more-or-less made for me and my generation (I was born in 1969), but for some unknown reason, I never got into it. My friends had the BSG lunchboxes and toys, but I myself was all Star Wars (and Trek, to a lesser extent) back then.

To this day I haven’t seen more than 2 or 3 of the old episodes, though I did greatly enjoy the first couple seasons of the reboot. To this day, “33” is one of the finest, most gripping hours of television I’ve ever seen.

I wonder if the old series holds up at all.


Nine marmosets held together with velcro.


In a less animal-cruelty vein: I was about a third of the way through Silent Running when it finally clicked that the robots could only have been portrayed by legless actors walking on their hands. (A making-of documentary on the DVD confirmed this).



The shit I learn. Thanks for sharing!


Wow. Looking at those guys now (I still haven’t seen Silent Running, to my shame), I gotta say the 70s aesthetic is strong there. I don’t think they even make that shade of green anymore.


I love Silent Running.

Shame Douglas Trumbull didn’t make any more films. Something to go with Natalie Wood’s death scuppering Brainstorm, I think.


That show was horrible. They actually made a feature film on it too. One film reviewer said, “Buck Rogers in the 25th Century! A bomb in ANY year!”


Please. That’s avocado.