Making of the creatures in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story


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“We made them look like testicles and gave them dumb names.”


I don’t want to watch until afterwards, but holy cow it is so nice to see actual costumes and props.


If there are any muppets that look like muppets, I WILL throw popcorn and soda at the screen!


The last image is my boss, no doubt about it. Just run Fux News Comedy Hour sound reels coming out’a his mouth and bang’go you got an exact replica.


Hey, why make the underpaid theatre staff do more work?

Attend the red-carpet premiere and throw it at someone actually responsible.


That’s a patented Lucas process, you know.


Looks fantastic. Can’t wait 'tilI hear Pao’s battlecry.


I thought they did a pretty good job with Grover’s prosthetic makeup for Empire Strikes Back.



They named the guy with a big rifle “Pao?”

Is the guy with the longstaff named “Smak?”


Actual masks, prostetics and puppetry. I love it! Thats very refreshing after the CGI overkill of the prequels.


Well, his nickname’s “Bigmouth” – I think he’s more of the guy who yells out commands than a gunner.

I think the guy with the longstaff is Moroff.


Big hairy sidekick who wears only an ammo belt and a big gun: “Moroff the Sayme”


“Wait, how about ‘testicles’ spelled backwards?”





Too late. They’re already made the molds and packaging for Queef Ballsax.

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