Toy Galaxy tackles 'The History of ALF'

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I still remember the Cartoon Intro song.

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Surprised there was no mention of his appearances on Hollywood Squares. Those episodes seemed to be in rerun syndication forever.


“Alf on a shelf” would bring in billions. I think.


Watching ALF as an adult reminds me why I quit watching it as a kid. Among other things the next-door neighbors, the Ochmoneks, played by Liz “Lady Seinfeld” Sheridan and John LaMotta, who were supposed to be nosy and obnoxious, generally came across as nicer and more interesting than the Tanners. Everybody would have been happier if ALF had crashed into their garage instead. After all Mrs. Ochmonek always wanted children but her husband was too focused on getting his degree in art history, and the three of them shared a love of polka music.

Those are the kinds of details the show tried to pass of as “humor”.


I saw some Alf DVD box sets in the thrift store recently. I came so close to buying them. Next day they were gone-- great minds think alike.

I liked Alf as a kid. The end of the show, however broke my little heart.


Anyone remember a TV movie that tried to bring back ALF? He was in some government facility after being caught (yes, that is how the hilarious, family-friendly antics of ALF ended - he got fricken caught).

Anyway, I remember nothing about the movie except that ALF was given some kind of Rorschach test to which he gave mildly amusing answers, and that they didn’t even bother to bring in one actor from the original series for a cameo.

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The Toy Galaxy video mentions that it was a 90minute special called ‘Project ALF’ and was more or less where season 5 of the show would have gone had it not been completely dropped on the total cliffhanger of season 4. As for returning actors it sounded like most of the original cast was eager for the original show to just be over with due to how long it took to film any individual episode, so it may not have even been possible to convince them to come back.

That talkshow is abominable.

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