Today in history 1959: Carl Switzer, actor who portrayed 'Alfalfa' killed over $50

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For reference, that would be about $445 in today’s money. So still quite a paltry sum to kill over.


Luckily he was an orphan owned by the studio, so there wasn’t any need for legal action.


So Robert Blake isn’t to blame then?

Jokes aside, the fate of most child actors is as depressing as watching those infomercials for the ASPCA. I’m tempted to click on some of the links to each actor but there’s enough pain in my life already.


I was thinking the other day about all the hatred and animosity aimed at Greta Thunberg, which has often taken the form of “HAVEN’T HER PARENTS ANY SHAME FOR EXPLOITING HER LIKE THIS?!”

I was thinking – have these assholes even ONCE had that same thought about the thousands and thousands of child actors they see on TV and in the movies every day? Young music stars? Young people who, well – actually do anything of interest, and it gains them some popularity?

Well, of course not, because that’s obviously not what upsets them so.


Two other interesting takeaways:

"A rancher found the dog and wanted a $50 reward. " Seems like a dick move, IMO. I found some dogs before and refused a $50 reward for them.

Second, they were hunting bears in California in the 50s??? Huh - I guess they still have some bear hunting in California. Who knew?


Nope. I suspect there is a whole lot of projection in those that accuse her parents of exploiting her. Those shouting would probably be first in line to exploit their own children.


I totally agree on the projection aspect of it – I have to reckon that not many of those folks were propped up by their parents or otherwise supported broadly as they grew up.

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Yes, because one thing that conservatives are known for is their unflinching support for Hollywood culture, and why all those producers and power-brokers are all in on supporting conservative politics, for keeping all abuse hidden.

Now if you had said if they had the same thought about religious abuse that goes on, that would likely have cut more deeply…

A video with some of his adult performances

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I think most of it is “If you can’t attack the message, attack the messenger.” These people are owned by fossil fuel interests and aren’t allowed to not push the message, even if it makes them look like total assholes.

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