The great Ricky Jay was the magician’s magician


Another clip of Ricky Jay calmly and assuredly being amazing with the Cups & Balls routine. Starts off huckstery, gets steadily more impressive, and the end will blow your mind.


I’m so glad I took the opportunity to see Ricky Jay a year or two ago when he came to the Boston Antiquarian Book Fair and talked about the history of magic in books, magazines, and posters. The man was encyclopedic.

Wished I had shared the mat with him when he still did aikido and the documentary on him,, is a fine introduction to this multi-talented extraordinary man.


Rest well, Amazing Maleeni.


Adam Savage and his Tested cohorts discuss the passing of Ricky Jay on their Still Untitled podcast today.


In one of the deleted scene of the film, Gupta throws some playing cards at a wall and they stick to it, which shows Gupta can partly fight. In another deleted scene when Bond was shooting up the place, Gupta tries to throw a card at Bond, but misses and hits a henchman instead.

There was a missed opportunity.



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