Watch Ricky Jay's wonderful "Learned Pigs and Fireproof Women" TV special from 1989


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It feels like this is supposed to include a link to somewhere to watch this.


Only a senior member of the Magic Circle may view the historical documents…


Here’s the video.


His book of the same title is great reading.


Yeeeee! Ricky Jay and the Uncanny Valley…


Ricky Jay is such a damn excellent showman. Watching his specials are always a treat, would really be something to have seen him perform in person.


Holy crap! I loved this TV special as a kid, and only saw it once! I wondered for years if I’d actually seen what I had seen, because although “Learned Pigs and Fireproof Women” got me hooked on Ricky Jay, whenever he’d pop up again he was just playing a magician/hustler. I was unsure if I was mistaking him for an actor who got typecast as a magician, or if he was an actual magician. Hey! It’s Ricky Jay on an episode of “X-Files”! There he is again on “House of Games”! All be darned, Ricky got into both “The Prestige” AND “The Illusionist”. That’ll confuse everybody for years. . . .


He also was in the David Mamet film Red Belt, which I liked.

Had a copy of Cards as Weapons when I was in high school. Nice to finally see the master at work.


He’s in a lot (most?) of Mamet’s movies.


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