The great Ricky Jay was the magician’s magician


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I still have a copy of his brilliant book Learned Pigs and Fireproof Women. Definitely worth a read if you can find a copy.

[checks availability on Amazon]

Holy crap it’s worth $300 now? Gotta go…


I’m confused… is the link to “Schitt’s Creek” an ad? Or did the author put in the wrong link?


Ricky Jay is a god.


As a matter of fact he just won $50K off Jesus at poker.


Sad news. Can’t believe I didn’t see this when it happened. BB didn’t run a post at the time?


I heard about it on the radio but the coverage was overshadowed by #41 passing the same weekend.



RJ made Gambit look like a poseur.


Ricky Jay was a hero of mine, the finest artist with cards living, and an encyclopedia of information on magic, trickery, stagecraft, and circus freaks. One of my favorite videos of him is this card trick, with not a word said, no camera cuts, no music, just baffling artistry.


Okay, that really is the limit. George Whatever Bush the Whatever was an utterly replaceable tedious conservadroid apparatchik and accidental president.

Ricky Jay actually mattered to this world.


Not only was he a magician but he was a widely respected historian. A practical historian, if you will:


Whoa, how the hell did i miss news that he passed way?

Won’t say the news is shocking but it definitely sucks. He was the best card technician ever, if not one of the best. He will be missed


You can always bookmark this topic…


“worth” =/= “listed on amazon at” alas


Also a Bond villain (well, Bond villain’s henchman).


I can’t hear someone say “nevertheless” without thinking of Ricky Jay and smiling a little, then feeling a bit bad for what “Helen Forrest” had to endure.


From Cards As Weapons


His performance in Merchants of Doubt was really great!


Man. This sucks. He was a talented human being and always came across as an all-around good guy.