Joshua Jay: Six Impossible Things is a different kind of magic show


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Oh my lordgod. This guy is AWESOME! I just went right down the YouTube rabbit hole. Holy snappin cats. I’m completely astonished.
After a somewhat shit day, this was amazing medicine!!

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That’s right! Magic IS indeed a medicine!

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I’ve been sitting here in my snowbound living room yelling ‘fuck OFF!!’ at my laptop screen for about 30 minutes…
I can’t remember the last time I was so gobsmacked by a magician!


I don’t suppose he’s any relation to (or took a stage name inspired by) recently department magical legend Ricky Jay?


No relationship between the two. Ricky Jay was a stage name. Joshua Jay is his own.


I think I love him. :smiley:


Joshua Jay is a brilliant magician. He first broke out onto the magic scene when he was very young - as a teen - and published a book. He received a ton of unjustified backlash from the community at the time.

Boy, has times changed. If he comes by in your town for a lecture, go see him. He’s definitely “cut out of the same cloth” as Dai Vernon and the like. Great performer and great thinker of magic.

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