Dead Celebrity


Use this topic to mourn the dead.

Why we should pity, not hate, Donald Trump
? :question: :atom: Questions. Questions? QUESTIONS!? :atom: :question:?
Clint Eastwood's day has been made (hoax)
RIP Janet Waldo, Hanna-Barbera's iconic teen girl voice
The great Ricky Jay was the magician’s magician


I will just leave this handy link here…

so should we start a pool in 2017?


I’m a little floored over who we’ve lost over the last decade. On the other side of the equation: yes, I’m X years old. My idols are dying now.


I dunno, should we?




Oh man, I love that list. It’s replaced the (no doubt somewhat creepy) habit I’ve had since I was a child of always reading newspaper death notices and obits.


You wanna have even more creepy fun… bet on which famous people will discorporate in the coming year.
See for an example. That one you win bragging rights and a case of Moxie from the guy running things.


Yeah, nah. Thanks but I’ve no interest in predicting who will die… just like reading about those who have.


They were cousins…identical cousins.



Merle Haggard


I saw MH in concert in the mid 1990s at an open-air music festival. I don’t think anybody but me appreciated how good he was, even though he had no stage presence at that time. Favorites include:


Did you ever want to play questions?

Love his music. I’d heard it all my life, but really tucked into it after playing GTA 3 on the PS2! Loved that country readio.




wow he was still alive


Howard Marks died today.


He used to own shops in Oxford for money laundering purposes.


David Gest