The greatest Craigslist 'Missed Connection' of all time


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I said, play it again, Sam!


Hell yeah it’s great. Thanks for that.


Someone get donald, we have our Driving Miss Daisy.


The detectives over in the Universal Hub’s comments have been trying to verify this story by researching the weather that night, wedding announcements, blue laws, etc:


tl;dr: frustrated writer posts unpublished screenplay summary on Craigslist


the feels, i told myself i wasnt gunna cry :c great story



Lovely but so totally fake. Seems more like a woman’s voice in the writing actually.



If boing boing were around back in the 70’s, I wonder if we’d be talking about Vietnam,? It’s not like Iraq or Afghanistan is any less stupid or useless…


What do you gain by being so smugly, invulnerably cynical? Does it make you happier?

Do you really think it matters whether the story is true or anonymous fiction?


Well I suppose it matters possibly, but it in no way makes it not beautiful.


It doesn’t matter at all if it’s true or fiction. What matters is that it’s an attempt to generate “Safety Not Guaranteed” marketing buzz. IOW, it’s a PR stunt.

So my objection is not about the veracity or the quality of the writing, but of the hidden intent.


If it was written by a woman, I am guessing she is heavily freckled.




well, if he wants this to go viral among the conservatives, the whole “Christmas Bombings saved lives” schtick is a nice touch.


Wow, what an asshole. After forty years, the author got a few details wrong, therefore he’s a lying college student and Vietnam was a glorious war against evil? Really?


I had a similar thought (about the debunker being a bitter little person), whilst respecting the systematic nature of his challenge. It was an interesting read.


Why are there so many people in this thread who hate love? Why? Can’t you guys… just enjoy something that’s well written, even if it’s maybe not real?