Congress passes FOSTA, Craigslist personals vanish. 'Casual encounters' & 'missed connections' gone


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Go Congress! /s


Like everything everyone does on Craigslist, people will just create a new shorthand code and start doing personals somewhere else on Craigslist…like under Audio Equipment or Furniture.

“Side table looking for vintage chesterfield. Ample stuffing preferred. Sofa must be open to being called ‘Daddy’ and must come in leather.”


How will this affect dating sites? Especially kink dating sites?


Only in the US: Canadian personals are still there.




Ah man, that sucks. I used to love occasionally reading through the missed connections, they were like mini dramas of their own.


My guess? Adversely.


“Hey, fellas, this pillow isn’t going to stuff itself”


What if anything is the difference in the eyes of this law between sex trafficking, human trafficking, and sex work?

Regardless of legality it sounds to my ear like human trafficking is by definition never consensual, but sex trafficking may or may not be consensual. And the law intentionally conflates the two. That’s just how the phrases strike me.


Aww man! The ABSOLUTE WORST first date of my life was a craigslist personals date! Now where am I gonna get cray-cray stories of torrid romance?


as i understand it, ‘sex work’ can be consensual, ‘sex trafficking’ is nonconcensual and a particular variation on human trafficking (as opposed to the ‘coyote’ sneak people over borders type of trafficking, or non-sex slavery)


That’s not exactly correct. Although people may consent, it is usually (but not always) the result of coercion or deception. One of the Palermo Protocols is the most commonly accepted international standards for the definition of human trafficking.

See article 3 in the link below:


Keep voting Republican guys! By the next midterm elections you’ll have nothing to rely on as they will continue to vote according to their believes, not yours!, these is what Republicans do, their mentality and behavior are backwards!


Sorry to bust your bubble, but it was a bipartisan bill. The Senate vote was 97 for, 2 against and one absent. Even the 2 vites against was bipartisan with one republican and 1 democrat. Remember there are 100 senators and in the house the vote was 388 for 25 against. So stop spreading your bigoted views with fake news.

Actually I like the bill and I worked to get it passed. It will help stop child pornographers and sex traffickers. And in case you live on mars. Craigslist was full of scammers and very bad people. Lots of sex workers met with violance, beatings, and robberies including deaths. In fact, sites like craigslist made it easier to commit such crimes.


This is utterly stupid of congress, they have no idea how the internet works…sex traffickers don’t use legit websites to sell sex, they use the dark web and word of mouth. So now Reddit and Craigslist users are being punished for something they do not even take part in. Fosta needs to be adjusted so that honest legal people can still use these websites for things other than sex trafficking.


You mean there are parts of Craig’s list not about hook ups? Who knew?


I’m not sure I agree with this interpretation. From the act:
(Sec. 2) This bill expresses the sense of Congress that section 230 of the Communications Act of 1934 was not intended to provide legal protection to websites that unlawfully promote and facilitate prostitution and websites that facilitate traffickers in advertising the sale of unlawful sex acts with sex trafficking victims. Section 230 limits the legal liability of interactive computer service providers or users for content they publish that was created by others.

The sentence at the end clearly states CL still enjoys the legal liability limits of Section 230 as they only publish content created by others.


Craigslist is also full of people who connect with good intentions, from selling each other crappy furniture to having some good ol consentual debaucherous sex. Unless there was something about Craigslist that was particularly prone to misuse, this seems, to me at least, like an overreach of governmental authority. You could similarly shut down the internet in general, or outlaw cellphones, or cars, or bulletin boards in cafes, or pretty much any means of unregulated interpersonal communication. I know we’re all traumatized by the era of Donald Trump, but hopefully we can remain sane and selective with our outrage. Also, welcome to BoingBoing!


The sex worker advocacy community is strongly opposed to this bill.