Oakland, CA launches ‘See Something, Say Something’ sex work snitch website

Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2016/09/16/oakland-ca-launches-see-so.html

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Do I have to be in Oakland to submit a report? Does the report actually have to be of prostitution? What if I see a report that a politician accepted money from a donor, lobbyist or corporation? Can I report that?


Why is she wearing a suicide vest?

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Wouldn’t it be simpler to legalise prostitution?


I suspect she was topless when she was arrested and they gave her something for modesty.


Yeah, I can’t see this ever going completely sideways for the OPD.

So, we know this is going to be used to smear innocent people for revenge. Can we get ahead of this one and just immediately start reporting cops, police administrators, and the developers of the application itself as johns, so it goes away as quickly as possible?


What if you did want to submit a photo you took anonymously? What would be the best way to not leave identifying metadata in the photo?

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Use a camera, with, like, film.

Man I wish I lived in Oakland, just walk down the street, jotting down the license plates of every asshat who so much as forgets to signal, straight ruining lives yo!

What a dumbass plan.


I am not entirely sure, but this is not the first time I’ve seen that. I actually see a lot of mug shots where the person is wearing some kind of standard issue uniform, or something to cover up their clothes. It is usually the standard jumpsuit, or this thing that looks like a big fleece blanket draped in front of them. I’ve never been through this, and even if I have, I couldn’t tell you why they do it.

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Or slave trade…

Yes, it would


Who is going to shoot film nowadays? And how do you submit film to a web site? And if printers embed metadata in the printed image (and they do) then do scanners? And why limit your plan to people who commit minor infractions? Why not just do it on a whim?


And that’s how they take the piss out of any movement on legalization. The last few years they’ve started conflating all sex work with trafficking children. Fucking unhelpful dishonesty designed to keep giving them authority to be moral busybodies.


They’ve met their match, since many of us conflate paternalistic government with child molestation.


I thought that had already been legalised in the gulags private prison system?

Of course slavery and prostitution are practically and morally indistinguishable, and a pig with wings just flew past my window.


Stop; you’re making way too much sense with talk like that!


GIMP is one obvious way to do it. While at it, you could substitute the heads of a few politicians - not of course that this whole idea is open to abuse.


Don’t be silly. This is for the little people, you know, the poor, the transgender, and POC, not to punish the murders, rapists and pimps in the “brotherhood”…well, ask a silly question…

Nah, like drug prohibition, “terrorism” entrapment, and copyright laws, this is so police can build a database to hold over any heads who aren’t untouchable or up to date on their protection payments. They’re not going to help you get revenge on rude people, but they’ll be glad to file away your snitching in case they need something on your enemies (or you) in the future. Cops be real helpful like that.

But if sex work is criminalized, how are cops supposed to force sex workers to have sex with them, or pimp them out to their brothers in blue? /s


Too easy of an answer! We must demonize them and shame them!


She wasn’t arrested for sex work (and even if she was, she probably had clothes somewhere). I looked it up, she was in a rehab facility when they arrested her for battery. Staff there may have told police that she was a danger to herself, or they might have assumed it.