Oakland, CA launches ‘See Something, Say Something’ sex work snitch website

Delete the EXIF metadata. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. You can do it from Windows, and there are tons of free utils. Also, make sure you’re not reflected in a car window or something.

Why do you want to report sex workers and their customers, though?


Screenshot your photo. Or just use a photo utility such as Irfanview to delete the metadata.

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God, I wish I lived in Oakland. I would submit the information for all of the police and city workers.

Who said I wanted to report anybody? I just want to know what kind of information people would be unwittingly furnishing about themselves if they did.

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Wait… Isn’t Oakland already KNOWN to be operating automatic license plate readers in the area:

Oh yeah, they are. So now we have a new form of doxing. I guess THAT’s OK

Yet they overlook two other trafficking areas: the food service and garment industries.


Oakland Police Department is at the center of a scandal involving seven Bay Area departments, in which the teen daughter of an Oakland police dispatcher said she had sex–including while she was underage–with dozens of police officers in quid pro quo arrangements.

It’s a dangerous job or something, life on the line, yeah.

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The lawsuit continued: “These acts constitute unlawful forced labor, trafficking into servitude and sex trafficking of a child by force, fraud and coercion and have caused (Jasmine) to suffer unimaginable abuse, paid, and suffering that she and her family will endure for the rest of her life.”

Well, at least it would seem that the Oakland police force have some expertise in prostitution. Perhaps the website is an attempt to show they are doing something ahead of the case in which they’re about to be sued for $55M.

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Sorry if my post wasn’t clear. I was just sort of mocking how cops always seem to pull that excuse out anytime their judgement is questioned, 'We could die any second. So we had to _______________ ."

(Conspire together to chronically sexually abuse a teenager in this case, apparently)

The whole barrel is rotten.


Damn Xeni! Your photo cropping/sizing/placement today was rather, shall we say, in your face!

What exactly is your problem with demons?


daemons are, as prostitutes, totally fine. but I don’t get the “shaming” part.


No, it was perfectly clear, I was just adding a bit more context and some additional snark, because I thought they deserved it.

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I know I know,

Shoot it on film, develop it, blow it up, then recreate it in microsoft Paint, but at the library.

Put it on a thumb drive, goto a coffee shop.

Wait until the bravest hipster goes to pee, leaving their laptop temporarily available, submit file.

Minor infractions are more frequent than and a good source for whims.


Yeah, I think they will help get revenge on anybody in Oakland, since they say they intend to send letters to the addresses of the plates the public pulls for them…

“Citizen, you got to stop this with the streetwalkers, frequenting the sex workers bad m’kay, what if your family finds out? People are complaining about you constantly cruising like some kinda chickenhawk, they’re calling us! About you! Sincerely, Authority”

I mean, what is the letter going to say?

‘Hello, Oakland PD, I’d like to report a prostitution in progress.’

‘Thanks, we’ll send an officer immediately.’

‘Looks like he’s already there, searching her underwear.’

‘Ummm, something something Gangbangers, Occupy Oakland, Blue Lives Matter yadda yadda. Johannes Meserle was right, why can’t you people learn to respect authority?’

When asked later, Oakland Police Officers’ Association President Barry Donelan issued a strongly worded rebuke: ‘The real problem here is… Colin Kaepernick.’


I like the cut of your jib.

The fact that such things as private prisons exist is a sign of how corrupt the US, at the moment, is.

Sure, you can make moral distinction between prostitution and slavery. But making prostitution legal, rarely does anything to remove human trafficking from the equation. Places like the Netherlands or Germany are case in point. All it does, is to help the problem get swept under the carpet.

Programs like these sound too much like smear-a-neighbour kinda thing and a sure way to flood your PD with bogus reports.

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This is two different things. Many industries were dirty and hazardous until they were properly regulated; being a spinner in a 19th century mill, a construction worker, or a miner in many places even today, are comparably bad to street prostitution. Legalisation is no good without regulation - which involves spending money to ameliorate a social evil rather than to build prisons with stones of the law (Blake was indeed prophetic).

Workers in other industries, like fruit picking, are trafficked and maltreated.
We don’t make fruit picking illegal because there are trafficked workers. We should be addressing the trafficking and the maltreatment. Of course, how we fix the system so the pimps don’t survive by bribing the police is left as an exercise for the reader.


I agree what we need to target is trafficking and maltreatment and above all corruption in justice system. But that exactly is the hear of the problem. Legalising prostitution. on its own, would do nothing (or even in some case exasperate the problem), without someone doing the homework of fixing the other three things.

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