Trump wants Bob Kraft at White House despite despite prostitution sting

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Kraft could show up at the White House party before he shows up in court.


Birds of a feather rub together.


I am not really sure why any really feels the Kraft/Soliciting thing is a big deal.


Alex, I’ll take hypocrisy for $1,000…


ok. full.fucking.stop.

  1. how is Kraft or anyone else for that matter supposed to know what places are potential sex trafficking spots vs ones that aren’t.
  2. We (and yes I mean here on the BBS) have routinely said to respect and allow sex work as not a back door bad thing and accept it as a profession.
  3. the facts are that both women he supposedly did solicit were American citizens had driver’s licenses and all that.

Again…boil this down to the simplest part of it…a 70 something yr old man went into a massage parlor and got a hand job. WHY IS THIS NATIONAL NEWS.

I hate Kraft for supporting Nostradumbass and all as much as anyone. But I am not about to commit hypocrisy by condemning him for this when it is no different than if you or I were busted for the same damn thing. So BULLSHIT…ripping into this guy is the hypocrisy because it wouldn’t be national news if it were anyone else.

I appreciate the flimsy as hell thread folks are trying to hang this guy by…but opposing sex trafficking does not mean he cannot solicit sex workers.

In fact…I would be more apt to jump on him for being fucking stupid! He’s a billionaire and he couldn’t find some intern somewhere to arrange something more high end and discrete?! Seriously?


You misunderstand. I’m not condemning Kraft getting a happy ending (as long as it was in fact consensual). I’m condemning the hypocrisy of Kraft getting a happy ending.


I fail to see how that is hypocritical in any possible way.


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Because he donated more than most people make in a year to organizations that make no distinction between consensual sex work and actual human trafficking.


ok. what donation should he have made?

Again…that is NOT hypocrisy.

It doesn’t matter…carry on. The guy is a supporter of the orange asshole,and a billionaire, and the owner of the most successful pro sports franchise…he’s easy to hate and we love to tear people down.

@xeni is the title a ‘stutter’ for emphasis? Almost like someone was gasping for air while writing it…

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Anyone he wants. But I still think his choice was hypocritical.

Meh, I don’t hate Kraft. I just think he’s a duplicitous Randian greedpig feeding off taxpayers.


What do you mean, “despite” ?
“Because of.”


I’d have to say that I’m not particularly interested in Kraft’s hand-job.
I am, however, a bit interested in Li Yang’s business practices and how involved she may be with the Rumpadiddly and his Family.




Is trump going to be serving Hand-berders?

I wonder if ‘Cindy’ will be there as well?


is there a difference between sex work and human trafficking ?

I thought the big thing here was that Kraft knows the owner?

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Here is advance footage of Drumpf and Kraft together at the White House.

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It’d be so awesome if Trump had the self-awareness to serve Panda Express or PF Changs instead of McDonalds this time.

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Trump wants