Robert Kraft allegedly paid for sex act on morning of AFC Championship game between New England Patriots and Kansas City Chiefs

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So let me get this straight … these guys pay men to assault each other and pay women to have access to sex slaves ?

This is the difference between Rome and the USA ?


Please, please, please let it be Trump. Oh please please please. :joy:


Seriously, who cares?

There are no charges of trafficking against Kraft and nowhere in the docs posted do they say anything more than he got a handy.

I keep hearing trafficking but it’s not in any of the police docs. How do we know? Who keeps alledging this?

I’m pretty sure handies legal in other parts of the country.


I’m sorry…where did in the police report and charges was there a line that said Robert Kraft knowingly and actively paid to have a sex slave?

At last check the story here is “Old widowed billionaire solicited a prostitute/sex act at a massage parlor” news at 11, water is also wet.

The fact that is on the news is likely more about the high profile name and a country attorney who is now eyeing being a state AG.


Robert Kraft allegedly paid for sex act on morning of AFC Championship

and Putin still won’t give his ring back.


I care about people forced in to sex slavery. Human trafficking is a real problem. Also, if you are a patron of a place that traffics human beings for your personal sexual gratification then you are involved in human trafficking

And btw, it is illegal in all 50 states to pay for a handie from a sex slave


Actually the police report also indicates he got a blowie in addition to a handy…Not that it matters all that much.

At approximately 1102hrs, [redacted] began manipulating Kraft’s penis and testicles and then put her head down by his penis. This went on for several minutes.

I don’t care one way or another if Kraft paid for consensual sex or not. None of my business really.

No, the sad part is he lasted all of 10 mins. Poor guy.


Clears throat…

Keep it real LA.


Even if the guy is a scumbag I’m having a lot of trouble gathering up the outrage over him getting a happy ending at a massage parlor. If the sex trafficking is a problem then go after the parlor.


When you get caught with a bag of cocaine, trying to use the defense “I didn’t know those drugs came from a violent and murderous cartel” isn’t really a good idea.


Yeah, I don’t know if a trafficking charge would ever stick on Kraft, but it sure sounds like trafficking on the part of the spa. I could care less about consensual prostitution, legal or not, but I would bet there were signs obvious to anyone with half a conscience who walked in to that place that the women there were not exactly working their dream jobs. Sure sounds like Kraft (and others) ignored his humanity for the sake of a cheap quickie. Disgusting.


I read “paid for sex act on morning of AFC Championship game between New England Patriots and Kansas City Chiefs” as “paid for sex act [on specific date] between New England Patriots and Kansas City Chiefs.”

I’m shocked.


Was it done by a ref? If so I am impressed they had time to work him in with all the fucking they did on the Chiefs…


I heard the prostitute was under-inflated too.


Kraft with his billions is likely to…ahem…beat the charge.

This is your friendly reminder that cops are not on the side of sex workers and use the deliberately ambiguous term sex trafficking to conflate sex work and the actual problem of sex slavery (as well as undocumented American immigrants). It’s entirely possible this place was engaged in sex slavery: coercing undocumented Americans to perform sex work for them. It’s absolutely certain law enforcement will simply deport any undocumented migrants and charge any citizens with prostitution so the injustice system can begin bilking them while stigmatizing them for life with a criminal record that will make it difficult to obtain legal employment, all while the rich white guy throws lawyers at them.

Cops have the same relationship to all marginalized people, predatory.


Wrong. It is the responsibility of the patron to ensure the sex worker is willingly engaged. To put that responsibility on the shop is… disgusting.


Agreed… i was wondering why we have seen Kraft’s name and only a suggestion of “there are bigger names!!”. Could it be those “bigger names” are already privileging their way out of charges?


I agree with this.

I absolutely disagree with this. If the “massage parlor” was engaged in coercive employment of undocumented migrants, that is slavery. There is no contradiction with holding them responsible for that and holding the “patron” responsible for any coerced sex work he solicited.